Create a Warm Winter Bathroom in your Budget

Create a Warm Winter Bathroom in your Budget on construction2styleSource

Create a Warm Winter Bathroom in your Budget

There is nothing worse than having to strip off in winter in an icy cold bathroom! Not only is it uncomfortable, there is always the risk of catching a cold by lowering your body temperature before hopping into a nice hot bath – which you then do not want to get out of! However, there is a deep pleasure in having a beautifully warm bathroom and here are a few tips on how to make sure that you and your family stay warm in the bathroom this winter.

Make sure that windows are closed and that vents are concealed. Please note, concealed is not the same as ‘covered’! Your vents are necessary to keep fresh air circulating around the home and drying up any condensation. If you want to pop something over the vent to prevent a draught, make sure that there is still some space for air to come in to the room. Look at your window fittings and make sure that they are snug and tightly-fitting. Precious heat can easily escape through cracks and gaps in window frames, letting in the cold night air and making your bath something of a torture session!

Once you start running the water, keep the door closed. Letting out all that lovely warm steam will, literally, leave you in the cold! This is especially significant if you have, as most people do, an extractor fan. These little devices are brilliant at preventing damp and mould from forming, but they can cause a little draught which will only be made worse by having the bathroom door open to all the chilly draughts.

Create a Warm Winter Bathroom in your Budget on construction2style


Even if you have frosted glass and therefore no need for curtains, consider some sort of window dressing: blinds, curtains or even shutters. Glass can get very cold in winter and this cold can almost radiate off the window glass. In small rooms like bathrooms, this constant source of cold can be enough to add an uncomfortable chill to the air.

Finally, and perhaps most obviously, make sure that your bathroom has a good quality radiator! Not only can you drape your towel over the radiator while you bath in order to wrap yourself in blissful warmth afterwards, the radiator will keep the bathroom’s air at a nice steady temperature of your choosing. If your bathroom radiator is old or not working properly, why not have a look at the great range of Bathroom Radiators available at My Bathrooms? These radiators are currently on offer with some great discounts and the price of the new radiator will soon be repaid with happy, healthy family members, no doctor’s bills and a beauty warm and cozy bathroom!


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