Deck Painting

One of the last projects we did on the house was painting the deck. We were dreading this task a little due to the Minnesota weather. We had to ensure that it would be a dry for a good week and we wanted to accomplish the task all at once.

When we knew we had a clear week Jamie power-washed the deck so that it was nice and clean and the paint would cover equally. Below is a picture of the deck all power-washed and ready to Rock and Roll! If you don’t have a sprayer you can always scrub it with a course, stiff broom.

After a couple days and we knew the deck was dry we headed to Home Depot to get the paint color. Going into the store, we really had no idea what color we wanted to go with. The year prior we had done all of the railings in white and we wanted a nice contrasting color but also a color that could be somewhat timeless. We ended up browsing through the many examples of house paint pictures and went with a light brown, Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Revitalize Wood & Concrete Resurfacer.

We also had to decide if we wanted to spray or roll. I am all about spraying and Jamie is all about the nice, slow, roll. In the end he convinced me that it looks nicer, lasts longer, and is less messy. He is the carpenter, after all. After we were done, I wondered why we didn’t do it 2 years prior so that we could have enjoyed the nice look! Oh well, they do say that you need to re-paint it every couple years anyways, I guess.


Deck Painting 1

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