Design with your Sign + Modani Furniture

Have you heard of Modani Furniture? They are a high end italian furniture retailer. They have anything from contemporary sofas to lighting to indoor and outdoor furniture with a very modern, clean and crisp look.

As I am working on helping to redesign the interior of Snap Agency, I couldn’t help but especially love their white office chairs.

Today we are sharing our living room design based on our zodiac sign and how it plays within our style.
Have you ever wondered how your zodiac sign influences your design style? We hadn’t either. So it was pretty cool to see how spot on it was. Check out the resource Modani put together for zodiac design style. Does this match up with your decorating style?

Zodiac Sign Design Style

 Wht's your Zodiac Design Sign


Libra’s are known for their hard work and independence. They are hopeful and visionary. Rustic and hospitable, joining nature with the composition of craftsmanship. Everything in Libra’s home is well-balanced and harmonious. They gravitate towards a more traditional style. Their natural elegance and aesthetic leads them to seek out quality pieces and will not hesitate to spend a bit more for a well-designed objects. Blues and opal tones help to create that fresh space that they need. It might take her a while to decide on a wall color, but in the end, what they create will look artistic and harmonious.


Pisces are cozy and tidy. Comfortable furniture providing a spacious floor plan. Making guests feel at home. The way pisces “feel” at home is the most important. They want their home to feel open and relaxed first and foremast so they gravitate towards calming, watery hues like sea greens and ocean blues for a dreamy space that opens to the outdoors. Pisces hate feeling trapped in a space, so they need a lot of big windows that let the light in. When it comes to buying furniture pisces’ need comfort. A big comfy sofa and chairs with lots of pillows is ideal.


When Libra’s and Pisces intertwine there is passion, intrigue and mystique. Libra is an air sign and Pisces is a water sign and together they find balance. Jamie and I at times have very similar design taste but when it comes to the decor he would rather have the “clean” minimal design look while I love the shabby chic, rustic and craftsmanship look. Luckily we are always able to meet in the middle and collaborate our design styles.

Libra Meets Pisces Design Style

Zodiac Design Sign Style


Design with your Sign + Modani Furniture 1

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