DIY Flowers from Bloominious

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Valentine’s day is around the corner and we all know what that means….flowers, flowers and more flowers! And if you ask us, nothing beats a DIY Valentine gift.

Did you know you can now buy a DIY floral kit? Because I sure didn’t!

How to DIY your own Flowers

We were recently contacted by Bloominious to check out their DIY floral kits. After some research I was blown away by their product line! From kits to DIY your own wedding to any event, they have the perfect kit for anyone. Like myself, many brides turn to DIY for their wedding to save costs. The entire process of planning and implementing sometimes causes more stress than intended.

Recognizing this, Bloominous came up with this great idea and launched their brand in 2014 to give brides an alternative option to DIY without the added stress.


Some of you, like myself, are wondering if there are really any benefits to buying a DIY kit rather than just buying the prearranged flowers. Buying Bloominous saves you money, provides simple tutorials to DIY and they have quality, professional designs. And let’s be honest, you feel SO good about yourself after you have accomplished a DIY project.

Save Money

  • Bloominous saves anywhere from 30-50% off of your floral budget
  • One stop shop providing everything you need to save time and money
  • No floral shop markup

Simple DIY Tutorial

  • Each kit comes with photo instructions for easy assembling and not to mention a ton of YouTube videos out there
  • Provides great design tips!
  • Flowers come cut-to-order and trimmed

Quality & Professional Design

  •  All collections are designed by professional with 10+ years experience
  • Partners with the best floral farms in the world
  • From trends to vases to favors, they design the whole look for your inspirations
  • Customized for you with everything you need!
  • Stay on top of the trends

Bloominous is taking DIY to another level! Especially in the DIY wedding and event planning space. So if you want to really impress your Valentine this year, DIY your floral arrangement with Bloominous.


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