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As most of you know, our motto here at construction2style is DIY, DIY with us, or have us do it for you. I was chatting with my cousin this past weekend about our business she said that we need to talk more about this…so here we go…


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Do It Yourself with our “how to” tutorials within our blog posts. We are constantly posting tutorials, guide,s and sources of inspiration for everything home related. We have had fails and successes and we share and laugh about all of them. We have talked about everything from how to make concrete countertops, to building your own DIY kitchen range hood for under $40, to hanging drywall. Check our more of our “how to’s” below and if you want to learn about something we haven’t yet talked about, email us at and I promise we will make a tutorial about it.

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DIY with Us!

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This one is my favorite! A lot of our clients love to DIY and it’s clearly always more cost effective. However sometimes DIY scares people. So we’re here for you! Let’s be friends, hang out, and DIY together. I promise it’ll be fun.

We recently completed DIY-ing with Snap Agency. We also just wrapped up a fun project for a family who does not live in MN. They wanted a project plan put together for their kitchen remodel and wanted to tackle the reno on their own. So we put together a design plan and worked with them on a few iterations, and we’re available anytime for their calls while they tackled renovating. And I’m very proud to say it looks amazing! They even did the backsplash on their own for the very first time and we can’t wait to share it with you. We’ve never been so proud. #teamwork

Have us do it for you

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We started construction2style to blog about our personal home remodels providing you with tutorials on how you can DIY. However after a couple years, we had Minnesotans asking us to remodel their homes so we decided to get our license and insurance and have some fun! So now you can hire us to completely Do-It-For-You!

We are a husband and wife home remodeling team. Jamie brings the carpentry and home remodeling skills while Morgan provides the style! We are a one stop shop for your home remodeling needs. We work with you to make your dream home from start to finish. We create home designed plans with you, providing you a detailed plan on what we are doing so that there are no surprises or added costs.

We offer a free consultation where we determine your vision and budget. We help you pick out your finishing selections, assist in the shopping and ordering and full service installation. There are no additional costs for our design assistant services, this is included within your renovating budget.

We also specialize in custom built furniture designs.  A lot of our clients can’t always find the perfect piece with the exact materials and dimensions for their home, so we are able to build it. We create custom pieces designed with you. Every piece is made to order, which allows us to collaborate on the design concepts to get you the perfect piece for your space.

Regardless if you want to completely DIY, have us help you, or hire us to completely do it for you we want to be your home remodeling resource. We are here to support, engage, and help however big or small your project might be. Whatever your needs, we hope you say HI! It’s so great to meet you and we are so very, very happy you are here. XO, Jamie & Morgan

Phone: 763.258.4839

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6 years ago

The most amazing team!!! Love what you offer!!!