Achieving the Perfect Dressing Room Design

Achieving the Perfect Dressing Room Design 1

Looking for dressing room design ideas?

Having a spacious dressing room in your home can make dressing up so much more fun, that’s why we take dressing room design seriously. You can enjoy getting ready for a date or a job, while having your entire wardrobe, footwear, and accessories all stored in one room. Check out the these 5 tips and create the perfect dressing room design you’ll love and enjoy.

1. Size

First, you should decide on how big your dressing room should be. Often times, people can turn a spare room into their new dressing room or walk in closet. When trying to make space or convert a room, keep in mind the organization and whether you’ll have more shelves or put most of the clothes on racks. This will play a large roll in how much space you will have to walk, store clothes, and possibly create the perfect place for doing make up!

If you don’t have a spare room or unused closet space, attics and basements can be perfect for transforming into storage! It might take a some more modifications than if you were to be using a spare room, but you’ll love the result when you have your personal dressing area.

If you live in an apartment, find a cute little nook that can be customized to fit your storage and closet needs. For example, consider re-purposing an entire wall in a corridor or a bedroom into a nice little dressing room. If you have minimal storage space, we are big advocates for the Marie Kondo Folding Method. With a little design inspiration, open shelving, and the right decor, you can seamlessly integrate your dressing area in the smallest of apartments!

bright dressing room for dressing room design

2. Decoration

For those who have the opportunity to transform an entire room into a dressing room, adding furniture and decorations is a great option. Get inspired by celebrity dressing room design and put sofas, faux fur carpets, or an island dresser in the center of the room. You can store accessories and makeup inside the island drawers, so make sure you buy a spacious one. This way all of your belts, scarves and delicate jewelry can be placed inside the drawers, and you won’t need to spend precious time looking for them.

When it comes to storage, make sure you have shelves and cupboards bottom to top, so you make the most of the space. This is also great for the organization, since the top shelves are perfect to store the wardrobe and footwear you don’t wear that often. Retractable bars can be very useful since they can help you adjust wardrobe height.

Additionally, place racks from wall to wall and close the space with the door with a mirror on the outside. If you don’t have space for one large mirror in the room, place a couple of them on the cupboard doors. This way you’ll have one large mirror so that you can enjoy trying out clothes in front of it.

open neutral dressing room design concept

3. Lighting

Lighting is essential for every part of the home, so the dressing room should not be an exception. Natural light is always the best choice, so if you have the opportunity to install large windows, do so. If you’re not that lucky, high quality led downlights are an excellent alternative. They will illuminate the space perfectly, and enable you to enjoy trying out different outfits each time.

wood shelving dressing room design

4. Furniture

If you have already added all the shelves, racks, and islands and you still feel like you can add a bit of style to your dressing room design, try adding a makeup table. Place it right in front of the window so that you can apply makeup flawlessly. A velvet ottoman and an armchair in the corner can be the perfect addition to the interior, making the dressing room a great place to hang out and be on your own with your precious wardrobe.

open luxurious dressing room design by c2s

Having a large dressing room can be a real delight. Follow these dressing room design suggestions and decorate your room in style. You’ll see that dressing up will be much more exciting and it will take much less time to get ready for an appointment when everything is in its place.

Achieving the Perfect Dressing Room Design 2

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