Sport Court Exterior Siding with Northface Construction

Sport Court Exterior Siding with Northface Construction 1

If you guys have been here awhile, you know last year we debated our siding for a very long time after having added on our sport court addition. We don’t love our siding, but we don’t hate it either. But being we needed to side our entire addition we were debating if now was the time to reside, repaint, or just keep it the same. In the end due to costs, and our budget – we left it the same. But trying to match to the original color was another concern of ours, but now that’s its done – you’d never be able to tell the difference. I was very impressed! So today we wanted to chat about what we did, why we did it, and our exterior siding experience with our friends at Northface Construction. 

Northface Construction understands that every homeowner has their preferences, and that’s why they have a wide variety of materials to fit those different needs. Their 15 point standard checklist ensures that no shortcuts are taken, and the quality of each project is held to the highest standards.

We are confident that their work will always speak for itself. For example, when we decided to add a Sport Court to our Elk River home, Northface Construction is who we called immediately.

Sport Court Exterior Siding with Northface Construction 2

The Northface Construction Team

We love Northface Construction! Josh, the owner and founder, builds personal relationships with his clients and always makes them feel part of the family. 

Along with that, they are local to our beloved Elk River, MN community. 

Fun fact about Josh, Jamie, and I; we used to all share an office space together. Then his team grew from a 4 person operation to a 40 person operation, and he had to move out.

And I’m not lying when I say I miss him every day.

Sport Court Exterior Siding with Northface Construction 3

His energy, knowledge, and drive for his team, family, and company motivated me every day. I love being surrounded by people like him who have an entrepreneurial mindset.

And his entire team is a reflection of who this man is. He’s poured a ton of time and energy into his team, which shows within their work.

Design and Estimate Process

First thing first, figuring out what work you’re going to have done. They came to our house, walked around the property with us, and listened to what was on our minds regarding our home.

Our property was built in the 90s, so we had to decide whether we wanted to replace the existing siding and put new vinyl around the entire house or try and match the addition. We were also contemplating whether or not to upgrade to a beautiful LP siding, at least until we saw the price and realized it wasn’t in our budget.

The Northface team put together a detailed estimate breaking down what each project would entail and how much it would cost.

The Matching Process

Has anyone ever tried to match something that has been faded by the sun and weather? Well, I’ll be the first to tell you that it can be a pain in the butt unless you have a skilled team that does it for a living. 

However, Northface made it seem effortless. They took a sample and came back with an identical match. I still can’t believe it when I’m playing out in the yard with the kids or entertaining guests.

Sport Court Exterior Siding with Northface Construction 4

Construction Process

I couldn’t believe how fast they got us on the schedule. Josh’s team was out in a week. 

As for the actual siding install, the job only took two days. The crew was highly efficient, respectful, and great to have around and in your home.

Sport Court Exterior Siding with Northface Construction 5

One thing I love about working with Northface Construction is how informed they keep their homeowners. They have an app, CompanyCam, which sends you updates, and you can check in on the project at any point. There are photos and details. 

Josh and his team respond quickly to any inquiries, and the work gets done immediately.

Northface Construction lived up to its mission, “We are built to serve our clients’ needs and attain a higher level of satisfaction than any other company on the market today. From day one, we’ve worked towards becoming a credible team of home renovators with a proven reputation.”

If anyone is getting ready to add on an addition or to start a new build, we can’t recommend Northface Construction enough.

Sport Court Exterior Siding with Northface Construction 6

Sport Court Exterior Siding with Northface Construction 7

Sport Court Exterior Siding with Northface Construction 8

Now time to get that landscaping done this spring! 

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