Fall and Spice and Everything Nice

fall wardrobe essentials

Are y’all like us and just counting down those days to swap swimsuits for sweaters and for a beautiful fall to come? We can’t wait to layer, wrap some cozy scarves, buy some blankets, gather around the fire, sip on some mulled wine, burn candles, get a new fall perfume, go to an apple orchard or simply order a cinnamon or pumpkin latte.

Unarguably, fall comes with some nostalgia. For some of us, it brings creativity and happy memories. We reminisce about the easiness of the past and beautiful experiences; for others, it’s a glimpse of light: the first fall in three years without covid restrictions and an opportunity to embrace hosting, community, fashion, and traveling.   

We all powered through the past two autumns with optimism, perseverance, and kindness towards each other; those are not small things! 

And now, most of us are back in class and the office and might be seeking some fashion advice because transitioning seasons could be rather challenging. 

Some pret-a-porter collections this fall offer quite daring and eclectic pieces; others – are more elegant, versatile, and ready to wear.

Are you recently engaged and planning a photoshoot at a local winery or an apple orchard? Are you finally able to schedule and take some family photos this fall? Or are you just excited about your recent promotion and eager to look sleek in the office?

We are ready for it all! We will be delighted to introduce a refreshing take on a fall wardrobe, point you in the right direction, and give you a sneak peek at some fun styles.

Trends are always evolving and are fun to follow, but, there are some essentials that seem to never go out of style. They can be great transition pieces between seasons and are our favorite to wear early in the fall.

One of the versatile wardrobe staples that we started with and wanted to remind you of is a white button-down shirt. It transcends any dress code, country, generation, and season! I never travel without it; I have it in linen and cotton; I wear it to the beach and to run errands; I throw it under a blazer for meetings! It does it all!

One of our summer interns Abbie, who has just recently joined our team as well, wore that classic white button-down to the office one morning over her darling romper. When Morgan came in, she said she loved the outfit and it reminded her of something her grandpa would wear back in the day. We laughed and called it “Cool Grandma Chic”.  Abbie took that as a compliment. White shirt does transcend generations! 

Are you ready? Pair a white button-down with the army-green trousers & sneakers for a cool girl chic look. Looking to add a beautiful accessory? Buy a stylish hat

Throw a blazer over a graphic tee with some jeans, booties, and a cross-body bag; put a striped sweater together with black trousers for that perfect casual office look.

All dressed and looking lovely? The last touch is to wear perfume! As Coco Chanel once said, “No elegance is possible without perfume!” 

As you mix and match those pieces below, you will quickly realize that you can effortlessly create endless amounts of unique looks. 

Happy Shopping!!! 

Fall and Spice and Everything Nice 1

  1. Mark and Graham Carry-on Luggage | 2. Wrap Mini Dress | 3. Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum | 4.  The Western Ankle Boot | 5. Transport Camera Bag | 6. Crisscross Skinny Belt | 7. The Curvy Vintage Jean |  8. Cinched Drama Curly half-zip | 9. Gold Initial Necklace | 10. Rust Corduroy Button Front Mini Skirt | 11. Panama Hat | 12. Jennie Flannel Dress | 13. New Balance Sneaker | 14. Wool Blend Dad Coat | 15. Cashmere Crewneck Sweater| 16. Gourmand Eau De Parfum


Fall and Spice and Everything Nice 2

  1. Chunky Gold Hoops | 2. White Button Down | 3. Camel Blazer | 4. Classic Jeans | 5. Small Link Necklace | 6. Striped Sweater | 7. Brown Hat | 8. Black Trouser | 9. Veja Sneakers | 10. Army Green Trousers | 11. Gold Watch | 12. Denim Jacket | 13. Black Tote | 14. White Booties 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Although we get paid a commission when you click through our links, all opinions and content are our own and we stand behind all brands and products we are sponsored by. 

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