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Family Fun in the Snow | construction2style

Happy Monday! Is anyone else as excited when Monday rolls around?! Whenever I hear people say “TGIF,” I’m wondering when Monday will come! Haha! I love my kids, but owning a business and raising tiny humans is no joke. Never enough time in the day to get it all done. Props to you mommas out there!

This weekend reminded me of what life is all about. I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Clint Harp, and throughout our conversation, he reminded me that at the end of the day your family relationship needs to be the most important thing. All the cool things that we get to do every day could be gone tomorrow but, these guys will always still here. Every day he stops work at 5 pm and plays with his kids. Every Friday he goes to lunch with his kids. I thought that was so cool and a reminder to take breaks and just play!

As you can tell, outside is Greyson’s happy place.

So we got outside and played this weekend! It’s hard to keep our little dudes inside. No matter how cold it is outside in Minnesota. All they want to do is play outside. And the snow won’t stop here! We are so over winter but can’t deny how pretty it is when the snow is coming down.

We’re back at it spending our weekends remodeling another room in our home, which we can’t reveal quite yet…but we’re excited to share soon! So when it started snowing this past weekend, we took a little break and had a little fun in the snow! And our girl Chelsea happened to be over capturing the space we’re working on and randomly snapped these pictures. I always wondered how families got these perfect snow pictures, haha! We also weren’t prepared for it with matching outfits and all, but sometimes impromptu shoots are what make for the best photos.

Hope you all have a great week and remember, to take some breaks and have a little fun and play!

M + J


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