Family Sunday Funday!

With 5 days to spare before the wedding we pulled off everything we wanted to make, with a lot of help from both of our families!  I told myself that I was going to have everything done the week prior…and today I realized that was a bad idea because now that I am done, I am starting to think up more ideas…ugh oh.

The wallpaper from Hirshfield’s finally arrived that I was waiting for.  However, I had went with two different designs for two different ideas.  I opened my package to find only one of the designs made it, the other was some ugly golf wallpaper.  So we had to use what we had and work with it. Below we wallpapered a 4×8 sheet of plywood and made a display of our families wedding photos.  I was originally going with a black and white domasque wallpaper, but I guess the color helped add a lot to the display.

I wanted to have a fun mini homemade photo booth for everyone to stand and take pictures behind. We were originally going to have the photo prop 4×8 but had to cut it in half since we didn’t have enough wallpaper for both 4×8 boards. However, I think it was probably best in the end so that it isn’t so heavy, being we aren’t sure yet how we are going to secure it at the barn and people may have to hold the board. I am also going to add some more framed wedding photos onto board.

For our letters that we talked about in our previous post, we ended up spray painting the letters instead of rolling in blue and off white.  I love how they turned out!







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helen bergland
8 years ago

I didn’t know that you had made those letters J & M. Where do you two get all your ideas. That book shelf that you made for Britta’s office matched the door perfectly for color. Good eye. Was she surprised?