Free Summer Printables for your Gallery Wall or Screensavers

Free Summer Printables for Your Gallery Wall | construction2style

Summer is officially here which means, it’s time to switch up some of your gallery walls, framed prints, or phone/computer screensavers. Out with the winter or spring-themed decor and in with the summer!

One of the easiest ways we love to quickly update decor is with prints. We love a good gallery wall and free printables. And we have free printables for every season. All you have to do is click, save and/or print. 

1. Walking on Sunshine

2. Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

3. Summer is a State of Mind

4. Wild and Free

Or if you’re getting ready to sell your house, one of the biggest things you’ll want to do is de-personalize and these prints will make for the perfect replacement. Check out these printables with no words.

5. Sun Pattern

Sun Pattern | construction2style

Source: Vecteezy

6. Beach Waves

Wave Pattern | construction2style

7. Summer is my Season

Photo from Unsplash

8. Vacation Graphics

Source: Creative Market

10. Oh Summer, I Love You

11. Salt in the Air & Sand in My Hair

Photo from Unsplash

12. I Hope You Never Stop Seeing the World

How to Print

All you have to do is click, download, and print and you’ll have yourself a whole new seasonal summer wall!

And if you’re looking for how to create a gallery wall, we have a tutorial  for you: How to Create a Gallery Wall

Enjoy, and have a wonderful summer!

Free Summer Printables for Your Gallery Wall | construction2style

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