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Happy Friday! Coming this spring and summer, we’re going to be sharing our favorite design styles with you and giving you some tips to bring the styles into your home.

First up is the Scandinavian design style, which has been impacting design since the mid 1950s and is all about minimalism, warm woods, and white. The term Scandinavian has typically been used to define the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, but that has expanded to include Finland, Iceland, and sometimes Greenland as well.

Neutral color palettes with pops of blue and green, combined with natural textures like stone and wood and simple layouts are some of the most common characteristics of the Scandinavian design style. We love this style because the simplicity of the white allows the textures and greenery to pop in a space.

Here are four ways you can incorporate this style into your home:

Wood Floors

Carpet is not popular in Scandinavian design, but rather wood flooring is used throughout the home. Rugs are often used to soften up a space and bring in warmth and can vary in size and color. Lighter woods are more common that dark woods; the most widely used are beech, ash, and pine. Wood floors are used throughout the home, including the kitchen and bedrooms.

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Having furniture that is functional, yet beautiful, is great for families and smaller spaces. Storage, such as clothing racks and shelving in the kitchen, is often also used as decor for the space. Scandinavian design is simple so having less clutter and using furniture for the dual purpose of function and beauty is important to keep the space clean.

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Photo: Ultralinx

Warmth through Accessories

Blue is the common color used to brighten up the space and bring in pops of color, whether through area rugs, pillows, or decor. Bringing the outside in with the use of greenery and potted plants adds warmth and life. Knit blankets and textured rugs also bring in warm accents without overpowering the space or creating clutter.

warmth through accessories | Scandinavian design | construction2style

Photo: Contemporist

Less is More

Simplicity and minimalism are a core characteristic of this design style, and walls are painted white with few decor pieces. The less is more ideal keeps the space looking clean, fresh, and classic. Simple accents like black and white art, pottery, and warm blankets give your home personality without taking over the walls and space.

less is more | Scandinavian design style | construction2style

Photo: Contemporist

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[…] that are popular in this design style include white walls, grey, and slate blues in various textiles. Wood is a major element, as well as […]