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Happy Friday! We’re bringing our Friday Favorites back and up this week is…Blank Slate Reno.

They’re a husband and wife team living in Dallas, and they renovate homes in style. We met these guys on Instagram a couple of years back and fell in love with not only their style but them. We’ve never met in real life, but we like to think we know them well. Ha! Make sure to check them out on Instagram here for a ton of home inspiration and to get some good laughs. After this post, you guys are going to love them as much as we do.

Tell us a little bit about Blank Slate Reno and how you got started…

As a kid, I was always a little particular about my room. Every few months, I’d scrap it all and start over, rearranging everything. My first job was for a very talented business woman who was passionate about design and decor; I learned firsthand how to merchandise a storefront and how to be a buyer at trade shows and wholesale markets. Although my style was still a number of years from materializing, this helped to lay the foundation for good business and what it takes to succeed. After moving back from England, I was really pressed to once and for all define who I was going to be.  Also, since we had moved around so much, we were never really able to make a home together; it always felt like an in-between thing. But when we got the apartment in Dallas, for the first time, I decided we were going to make it a home, regardless of whether we might move again.  And as I began to design and create that space, something just clicked: this is me. Before I knew it, I enrolled for my first semester as an interior design student.

blank slate reno | friday favorite

Chayce flipped his first home as a senior in high school. This was before the house-flipping craze had really started, and although he got his real estate license, he never really focused on doing this full-time. After we got married, he continued to remodel about a home a year until we left for England. When we came back to Texas and found normal jobs, we reached the same conclusion around the same time: life’s too short not to do what you love.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with just working a nine to five; many people don’t even have the opportunity to do otherwise—and we may end up back there. But at the very least, we’re givin’ it a go.  More and more, we’re becoming convinced that we were all made with special talents and unique talents. True joy and lasting fulfillment aren’t far behind when you couple these with your profession–I think some of the best products come from these individuals. It’s almost like you become the truest and most natural version of yourself, and your work is just an extension of who you are. Our goal for Blank Slate Reno is that we wouldn’t even be able to call it work; that it would be more like play.

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How did you come up with the name for your business? 

One of Chayce’s favorite novels is Shelley’s Frankenstein; the antagonist, the monster, starts out with an empty mind—a blank slate—and learns about the world through his experiences.  Although the author was communicating a specific philosophical concept, we borrowed the idea of “blank slate” to refer to the creations we help bring to life (See what I did there..;).  The aspect of stripping down a home to its bare bones and starting from scratch really had some profound overlap to our own marriage and relationship—sometimes you just have to start over with a blank slate before you can really move forward.

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What’s it like working as a husband and wife team?

Well, we’re still married…but only just. That’s a joke. In all seriousness, working closely together with your spouse day in and day out doesn’t work for everyone.  But for the time being, we make a good team; we both have different personalities that help to balance the other out.  If it were up to Chayce, we’d be buying houses every other week and spending way too much money! And if it were up to me, we’d buy one small house at a time and not even think about doing anything else until that one was done and sold.  Neither option is ideal for running a business, so we try to find each other in the middle.

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You lived in Europe for a year, how did that influence your design style?

Less is more, definitely. Because the UK is so much smaller, everything from the cars you drive, the things you own and houses you live in are compact. Also, growing up in the southern Bible Belt all your life, being surrounded by people that are just like you can put you out of touch with all that the world has to offer.  I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to get outside of my bubble for a bit and appreciate different cultures and perspectives.  Regarding England, I was particularly interested in their concept of “aging.”  For most of us in America, an “old” building or house might be one from the 70’s; anything older than that and we’ll just scrap it and build new.  But over there, we visited homes that were over a hundred years old and still happily lived in and quite charming.

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How would you describe your design style?

 Currently, somewhere in the Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian/Boho range. To be honest, it’s in flux, and probably always will be.  Five years ago, I didn’t really have a specific style, and when we first got married…I’m too embarrassed to even talk about it. As I became more thoughtful and intentional about my look, the more my style developed. At the moment, I’m particularly intrigued by Scandinavian design that incorporates a lot of organic tones and minimal concepts; I like the way it blurs the lines between outdoors and indoors using natural lighting and greenery.

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Do you blog for your business?

 When the planets all align, and the moon rises in the westerly quadrant of the night sky, I begin to think about blogging…and then the planets shift again.  Honestly, I know how important blogging is to a new business, so after graduation this summer—fingers crossed—I’m planning on putting all my efforts into promoting our brand in this way on social media.  But again, we must consult the planets.

Where do you get inspiration? 

So the web is amaaaaaazing with its endless access to designers, architects, and just dang talented people!  Even though I’ll have a degree in this field by the summer, I’m honestly more and more impressed with the talent and creativity of non-professional, everyday people that say to themselves, “Hey, I’ve got some good ideas; I can do this!” I think it’s great that social media gives people a voice and the confidence to simply try. Pinterest and Insta are awesome ways to fast-track that confidence by trying new things within the safety and comfort of your own home. Personally, nature and as much natural lighting that is physically possible, play heavily into our designs.  Because people thrive so much when being out of doors,  we strive to marry the two as much as possible!

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What’s your favorite reno project to date?

I enjoy different aspects of various projects, but I think my fav at the moment is our latest—the one we’re living in at the moment. We’ve been able to experiment with a few new elements such as wallpapering, paneling, and installing a free-standing fireplace. I’m even more excited about this next project though!

blank slate reno friday favorite

Tell us your three favorite places to shop for decor + styling pieces

Well, we all know that I basically live at West Elm…but I often frequent more affordable places such as Target (where you can get two or three times as much “filler” items for staging a room compared with other places, and they’re just as good!) and World Market.  I LOVE all things walnut,  gold,  leather, and texture texture texture! I also have zero restraint for a good accent pillow…

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Aren’t these guys the best? And their remodels, I can’t get enough. They continue to amaze us. Now go find these guys and give them some love!

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