Function and Style: How to Accomplish Both With Your Home

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One of the well-known sayings in the interior design and architecture world is “form follows function,” coined by Frank Lloyd Wright. The foundation of any space starts with a functional design, which will allow your home to work with multiple different design styles and perform well throughout the years. Form, or style, comes in later since it’s more decorative. While it’s still important and adds the sparkle to the space, it’s not the first thing to think about.

When thinking about designing a room, remodeling your home, or refreshing your space, it’s always important to keep both function and style in mind. Here are some of the ways to accomplish both in your space.

Create a Functional Layout

Style doesn’t matter if the space isn’t functional for your lifestyle and home. When creating a layout, whether it’s in the bathroom, kitchen, or living space, think about how you use the room. What activities are happening there? Do you love to entertain or have a large family? If you love to cook, how do you want your kitchen to perform?

The first step in creating a functional layout is to walk through your current space and determine what works and what doesn’t. Knowing how you currently use a space and how you’d like to use it better is an important step in creating a new and better functioning layout.

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Plan with a Purpose

Before designing your space, have a plan in place. This will allow you to know what your budget is, what types of materials you’re looking for, and what decor style you like. If it’s a living room or office space, take measurements of furniture and the room to determine how you want to lay it out. For a kitchen or bathroom, consider hiring a designer or contractor that can create a floor plan that’s both functional and meets codes in your city.

A key thing to determine is how long you want to stay in your space. Buying high-quality materials that perform well for the long haul is a great way to increase the value of your home and plan for many years to come in your space. If you’ll only be there for a couple of years, consider more cosmetic changes, like paint and furniture.

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Remember that Trends Change Over Time

Style is a big part of any design, but it’s also important to remember that trends change over time. Use trends as an inspiration, but always stay true to the style you love, and that reflects your lifestyle. Consider using more timeless elements in larger cost items of the design, such as furniture, cabinetry, and countertops and bringing in more trendy items in decor, pillows, or paint colors.

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Bring in the Fun

Once you determine the quality of materials you want to use and find a functional layout that works for your space, it’s time to bring in the fun! Add life to your space by incorporating greenery, which always brightens up a room. Bring in color with wall decor, a fun backsplash in the kitchen, or pillows. Layer textures in your space through rugs, throw blankets, and towels. Smaller, less expensive items, like decor, allow you to bring your style into the space, without breaking the bank.

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