Getting Sick in Prison | Noah’s Story

Getting Sick in Prison | Noah Bergland | construction2style

Getting sick in prison sucks and I know because I am sick right now.

My sister was here this past weekend with the whole construction2style team and of course, I have to start coming down with something on the Tuesday before the visit. Getting sick stinks regardless of where you are but being locked up makes it much worse.

Your options for what you can do to get over it are very limited. We have almost free medical treatment, only a two-dollar co-pay is required, but in the end, what can they do other than say, yep you’re sick and take some over the counters that are sold on commissary.

Unless you have an infection or something severe, you are limited to your choice of pain relief (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Naproxen, or Aspirin), then you have Robotusin if you have chest congestion, cough drops, nasal spray, and Vics chest rub (which I talk about Prison Remedies in one post). I think that about covers it!

So when I got sick this time, just the same as every time before which is usually once a year, someone recommended eating some Vics.

I told them I will not fall for that once again but thanks for your concern. But he said, I am serious, and I informed him that I have already blogged about the topic and myself and many others who read it have had a laugh at his expense.

He walked away unamused and told me to “suit yourself.”

Also, when you are sick in prison the majority of the inmates that you are locked up with treat you like you have the bubonic plague and if they come into contact with you, or even within a foot, they will contract any disease known to man.

This means when you are sick or at least while you are coughing and sneezing you want to avoid food service and the TV room or you will receive very dirty looks and sideways comments that aren’t said directly to you, but you and everyone else around knows who they are talking to.

The last negative about getting sick in prison is the lack of food that goes good with being ill, every time someone asks if they can get me something or if I need something to eat, I say “ya, can you make me some chicken noodle or dumpling soup,” and they say “YA……no.”

There is a couple positive things that come about when you are sick, first off not everyone in here is afraid of germs or at least pretend not to be and you realize how many good-hearted people there are locked up that genuinely care, because I have had at least 40-50 people over the last couple days offer to assist me in numerous ways.

Most of them offer up some type of medication and then let me know if the meds I have run out, they have more. Someone actually rubbed my feet, which I guess is an old Mexican tradition. He also said to put “Vics” on my feet and on an area on my forearms and said it would help.

I tried it since it didn’t require eating it, but not sure if it helped, but the foot rub temporarily felt amazing. Another good thing about being sick in prison is you don’t have many obligations or commitments that you have to cancel on, just workout and cook-ups. A little forced break from working out is never a bad thing.

Last but not least is the weight you lose, well if you remember back a month or two to a fitness post, I set a goal of reaching 200 lbs by the November visit, well I didn’t make it by the visit but as of yesterday I stepped on the scale and I was under 200, thanks virus.

Let’s just say, getting sick in prison sucks.

Thanks for listening!

Getting Sick in Prison | Noah's Story 1

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