Greyson’s Big Boy Room, the before

greysons big boy room, the before | construction2style

This post is loooong overdue. Our poor buddy has been sleeping on the floor with his crib mattress for about, well, eight months now.

After multiple attempts of him sneaking out, we keep trying to make his room more and more fun…hence the tent.

Greyson's Big Boy Room, the before 1

When Beckam was born, Greyson wasn’t quite ready to move into a bed. Well, he probably was ready but mommy and daddy were not. The thought of Greyson being able to get out of his bed while up all night with a newborn terrified me. So we locked him in his crib.

But not even two months later, G-man was climbing right out of that thing. Bad timing. And then he was throwing fits and wouldn’t stay in the darn crib when we tried to force him. So we put his mattress on the floor.

We hadn’t even finished Beckam’s nursery yet, so we were not ready to start on Greyson’s big boy room. This momma had zero energy for tackling that.

Greyson's Big Boy Room, the before 2

We’ve quickly learned that with a three-year-old you need to involve them in everything and make it all a fun adventure! So we’re going to take you on a little journey of transforming Greyson’s room from a baby room to a big boy room.

Jamie’s mom is the wallpaper queen and Jamie’s sister is a designer, so they’re going to help us every step of the way to make this extra special. And Greyson loooves his honey and auntie so whatever they are apart of, he’s going to love, no matter what we make out of his room (and hopefully never leaves his bed).

Our goal is no more crawling into mom and dad’s room and sleeping on the floor.

I have been going back and forth on what theme to do to Greyson’s room. I’m not really into the super kids themes of bedrooms. We for sure want to go with something kid-ish but not the typical dirt bikes or hammer and bat decor. We loved the wallpaper we did in Beckam’s room, so we knew we wanted to incorporate a fun wallpaper into Greyson’s room somehow too.

So to start, we’re picking out the wallpaper. Katie and I chose a few different options and we’re going to start by showing Greyson those designs for him to choose and then expanding on the room from there.

We can’t wait to share with you what we do to the space and the process along the way. Next post up, the selections we’ve pulled together to have G pick out.



Greyson's Big Boy Room, the before 3

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Andrew Kien
3 years ago

Incredible room!!!
Thanks for sharing.

Kostas Chiotis
Kostas Chiotis
3 years ago

Greyson’s night time adventure must be fun in that fortress! So has that stopped him from getting out? Just as I thought some colorful kid’s furniture would make this room really great in the future.