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Kids Craft Station for Under $75 | construction2style

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We spent the last week finally finishing up Greyson’s room and it’s time to share with you what we’ve been up to! Poor guy turned four this past fall, and we just now gave him his very own big boy room with all the things he requested.

Two years ago when Greyson graduated from his crib, we literally laid his mattress on the floor and made him a tent to sleep in. He slept in this for well over a year until we finally got him a full bed. Don’t worry… he loved it and really didn’t even want us to get him a bed.

And then once we did get him a bed, that was all we changed in his room when going from a baby to a toddler when it came to decor.


We bought this home two years ago and besides putting up a few frames, we hadn’t done much to his bedroom because we knew we were going to eventually make it is own. And then time just kept on flying by…

He’s never liked to play in his room and since he’s been in a big boy bed, we’ve had a hard time getting the little dude to go to bed and actually stay in his bed.

Since we’ve now finished his room, and we involved him in transforming it, we can’t get him to leave his room! Jamie and I are both hitting ourselves for not doing this sooner had we known. ha!

He officially now has his own little craft area and motocross theme room.


To be honest, we wanted to make this transformation as inexpensive as possible because our babies are growing up way too fast and their interests change even faster. Our goal was to up-cycle as many things as possible.

Thanks to Krylon® Brand we were able to do just that so easily!

Greyson loves to paint, color, make crafts with mommy and build things with daddy, so we knew we wanted to create his own little creative work space.

All of these goodies we found and were able to transform his room for a whopping $25!

We knew we needed a table and chair and an organizational “something” for all of his tools. I also knew I wanted to take his art work and frame some of his adorable pieces. So I started hunting our own home and second hand stores to see what I could find for us to up-cycle.

We found this chair and table in my grandpa’s workshop that he was about to toss. And I absolutely loved how imperfect this chair and table were.

I mean… can you imagine a cool little dude sitting and painting on this adorable kiddywampus chair? I’ve been watching him do exactly that and it just melts my heart.

And my grandpa, Greyson’s great- grandpa, built this table.

The frames I had stored away in a drawer that I hadn’t used in years. The paper and stick Jamie had laying around in the shop.

The hooks, baskets, and pegboard we picked up from Lowe’s for $20. And we got all of the crayons and watercolor paints from the dollar store for under $5.

Besides wanting to have the craft area, Greyson also requested to have a dirt-bike theme. I’m into the bold printed wallpaper right now and the closest dirt bike track wallpaper I could find. Then I framed a couple of his dirt bike pictures he’s made which included one that daddy drew when he was Greyson’s same age.

I decided to paint the remaining walls white, from beige, since the wallpaper is so bold. And I knew we were going to bring in more fun colors with Krylon® spray paint.

We went with four different Krylon® Brand colors for our overall color scheme to up-cycle the furniture.

Since they were all outdoorsy colors, I thought they would go perfect with the outdoor theme.

What color I was going to spray each item,  I wasn’t too sure on.

Being we live in the freezing cold state of MN, and it’s currently winter, we spray painted all of our products in our workshop and wore a mask. Make sure to spray paint your products in a well-ventilated area and read the label for safety and application instructions.

I knew that I wanted to frame Greyson’s dirt-bikes on the wallpaper wall, so I started with choosing the color for the frames. At first, I was thinking green, but then after testing one out, I didn’t like how it blended into the wallpaper. I wanted them to stand out, so I ended up going with the Spiced Amber. I loved the contrast that it had on the wallpaper yet flowed together.

We decided to paint the table and chair in Satin Black and to compliment the green wallpaper with  Spring Grass on the pegboard.  We accented with the baskets and misc items in Peacock Blue.

I also have a handful of crates I got awhile back at a flea market, so I decided to spray paint one of them the Spring Grass for all of Greyson’s books to be stored in.

My favorite thing about using the Fusion  All-in-One™Paint + Primer  was that there was no need for sanding or priming. It had great coverage and gave a very hard finish. Nothing is worse than when you’re done spray painting and it finishes all blotchy. This paint gets a really even finish and everything looked as good as new!

We did two coats of spray paint on everything and went through almost 2 cans of each color besides the Peacock Blue, which we didn’t even go through one full can.

Once we got the goodies sprayed, we let them dry for 48 hours to make sure no fumes would be in Greyson’s room and then we brought them in and it was time to style!

We made the arrows out of scrap wood we had laying in the shop, which were really simple to make. We cut six boards down to one foot and then cut the edges at 45-degree angles, glued the ends together with wood glue and spray painted them Peacock Blue.

I absolutely loved how the Spring Grass and Peacock Blue played off one another!

I also wanted to have a large area for Greyson to get creative and draw, not on the wall. When I saw the role of brown paper in the shop I knew it would work awesome! I just had to figure out how to hang it. I found a plain stick, spray painted it Peacock Blue and tied cord onto each end and wrote a cute quote for the time being.

Knowing that we were putting the frames on the wallpaper wall, we knew the peg board and art paper would take over the other blank white side wall. At first I was thinking we were going to lay the peg board horizontal but after playing with the layout I liked how if we put it vertical we could put things lower on the pegboard that Greyson could reach in to grab. If we had it horizontal we realized he wouldn’t be able to reach up into it. And we liked how we could put higher things out of reach, like paint, and lower things within reach like washable markers, color books, and crayons.

Now all that is next is to find this dude a headboard! We’ve been on the hunt for a vintage metal one but just haven’t ran across any good finds from second hand stores. $50 is my max budget!

These Krylon® Brand Fusion All-In-One spray paints are also made for outdoor projects, not just indoors and they have a rust protection as well. I’m excited to take these babies outside come spring and share with you guys some fun outdoors projects!

Kids Craft Station for Under $75 | construction2style



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