DIY Valentine Scratch-Off

DIY Valentine Scratch-Off 1

Happy Valentine’s Week!!

Since I am a hopeless romantic, Valentine’s day is one of my all-time favorite holidays and love stories (after Christmas, of course)! And since I believe in the true meaning of Valentine’s Day and not that it’s a “Hallmark” holiday, I like to make my own Valentine’s cards.

This year I made Jamie a Valentine’s scratch-off.

How to make a scratch off card

1.  Write your lotto messages in permanent pen/marker on whatever paper.

2.  Scribble white crayon over your message.

3.  Mix a little bit of dish soap with acrylic metallic paint and paint on top of message!

Boom- done!




To make the week even better, on Monday when I got home from work Jamie had this surprise waiting for me –  flowers, chocolates and a sweet love note. It was a total surprise since it was just the beginning of Valentine’s week and not the actual day!!

Very sweet and unexpected!

DIY Valentine Scratch-Off 2

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