Home Maintenance Checklist with Kura Home

Home Maintenance Checklist with Kura Home | construction2style

When was the last time you cleaned your washer and dryer, or how about vacuumed out your refrigerator coils and degreased your vent hood? Or changed your dishwasher or freezer filters?! For us, it’s been quite some time…

We had Kura Home Maintenance over to do a walkthrough and evaluation of our home, and let’s just say; we quickly asked when they could start. And now they’ll come quarterly to our home to take care of this routine maintenance. 

These are all things Jamie and I are more than capable of doing, but we are all about efficiency and time is money. There are so many other things we can spend that valuable time on that actually makes us money. And the rates to hire Kura Home were so affordable. 

Here’s a list of what they take care of during their home maintenance visits. 

If we were to do all of this on our own it would take 11 hours worth of our time to complete these tasks. And for Jamie and I, whenever we’re thinking about how we’re spending our time, we tell ourselves we are worth $200 an hour. That means it would be $2,200 to take the time to do this when we could actually get other work done that is making us money. As you can tell, that was an easy answer for us to hire it out. 

Kura Home offers free routine maintenance estimates where they walk through your home and develop a list of recommended items to keep your specific home operating efficiently. For our house, we selected many of these services and it only costs us $235 a quarter.

Click here to schedule your appointment today.

Kitchen Maintenance: 

  • Vacuum & clean refrigerator coils & compressors
  • Change refrigerator filters
  • Clean & sharpen garbage disposals
  • Clean & maintain drains
  • Degrease & clean vent hoods
  • Clean dishwasher filters
  • Clean & seal granite/marble countertops

Bathroom & Laundry Room Maintenance: 

  • Clean exterior dryer vents
  • Clean interior dryers
  • Clean washing machine filters
  • Clean drains
  • Clean bathroom fans

Utility Room Maintenance:

  • Supply and install salt for water softeners
  • Supply & change furnace filters
  • Supply & change humidifier filters
  • Inspect & test sump pumps
  • Drain sediment from water heaters
  • Clean & maintain air exchangers

Throughout the Home Maintenance:

  • Air duct cleaning
  • Replace interior lights where needed
  • Maintain smoke detectors

Outside Your Home:

  • Examine structure & report damage
  • Winterize & clean A/C units
  • Examine roofs & chimneys, caulk as needed
  • Grease and oil garage doors

Download the checklist to print HERE!

Home Maintenance Checklist with Kura Home | construction2style

On their first visit, I was blown away by how gross all of our filters were. And to think, we were washing our dishes that we eat out of and our clothes that we wear every day, or the air we breathe in was being filtered by gunk, dust, mold, debris, sendiment, and hair. YUCK! 

Here is the old vs. new air filter. Something they will replace for us once a quarter. Again, these are all things you can easily DIY, but Jamie’s pretty happy not to have to run to Home Depot and spend time buying yet another thing. 

Home Maintenance Checklist with Kura Home | construction2style

Jamie said one of the things he hates to buy is salt because it is always located outside the home improvement store, so he has to wait for help and always takes more time than it should. Kura Home can just simply deliver salt for you to take that off of your plate, and it costs the same as it would for you to run to the store, but you are saving your time of having to do it. Each quarter they are filling up our water softener and leaving two extra bags, just in case, before their next routine check-up. 

Here’s a little shot of our washer filter, something you’re supposed to clean regularly that we’ve never cleaned once in the three years of owning our home. 

Home Maintenance Checklist with Kura Home | construction2style

Home Maintenance Checklist with Kura Home | construction2style

My favorite thing about Kura is that these are all services that help prolong the life of your appliances and things we simply forget to do on a regular basis. 

Can’t wait to share what we clean up and find when they come back out in July! 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kura Home. All opinions and content are our own, and we stand behind and use all brands and products we endorse on our site. Thank you for supporting our small business.


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2 years ago

Well written article!


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