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Sooo, you guys, we’re officially on the move! This is our last week in our home, which means it’s time for a full home tour! We’re taking you room by room for the entire month of October.

I know you’ve seen a lot of our home in the past, but we wanted to dish out all the before and afters and break up each room into a post to answer all your questions, from paint colors to decor. We want to share with you the goodies behind each room. So, let’s start with one of our favorites, one of the rooms we haven’t shown a lot of well, becuase we didn’t do that much to it, our Dining Room.



Even though we don’t use the room a whole lot, or even did a whole lot of work to it, it’s one of our favorites. It’s one of the first rooms you see when you walk into our home. And it’s one of the first rooms we’ve ever been bold and daring with, using Royal by Benjamin Moore paint color for the walls.


As you can see, the wainscoting was in the home when we purchased it, which we knew wasn’t going anywhere. At first, we went back and forth on if we wanted to change this room into a reading room, or even open up the wall on the right hand side to enlarge the kitchen and create a mudroom. In the end, we left it as a formal dining room due to cost and time. We knew we would be eventually selling this home, so we always have to think about how much work and money to put into it if we aren’t going to get it back. If we would have stayed in this home we would have probably added french doors and turned it into our office. Then again, where would our wine room be?! haha!


The table and hutch were actually left in the home from the former homeowners. As you can see, we just simply painted them both black. We used an expensive oil based cabinetry paint from Hirshfield’s. I still have yet to find knobs for the hutch. The chairs around the table we picked up from Pottery Barn.


No dining room area is complete without a little bar area.


The wine rack was a  hand-me-down from my brother and sister-in-law, which they picked up from our favorite, Pottery Barn. I got the vases and fake limes and lemons from Michael’s. How awesome is our engraved dispenser on the stand? We got this as a wedding gift from our friend Kelsey. She told me she picked it up for fairly inexpensive and then had our name and date engraved. Seriously, one of the best gifts that we use all the time. Such a great idea for a wedding gift. You can find something similar on Amazon, here. 


My favorite piece, our piano. This piano was my great grandmother’s, Ingeborg Dahlgren.

img_1049The piano that my grandma and her brother and sisters learned to play on. It then got passed down to my aunt, and now me. I love, love, love pieces from my family. I never knew my great grandma, but from every story I’ve heard she was an incredible women! I can’t wait to teach my kids piano on this gem that has been in our family for generations.


We replaced the carpet and added in bamboo flooring, which we would NOT recommend. This flooring wasn’t cheap and literally the first time we had guests over, we had scratches all over the floor. 

The light fixture was also original. The chandeliers were pretty much what sold me on this home. They were all so unique and absoloutely gorgeous. This gold lighting was definitely my favorite. I have no idea where the former homeowners got them from, but I found an identical piece in NE Minneapolis at Architectural Antiques for around $800.


And there you have it, the details behind our dining room. I do have to say, this look is totally not me, but hey sometimes you gotta do what you can with the freebies.

Flooring | Bamboo Flooring from Lumber Liquidators
Paint Color | Royal by Benjamin Moore
Curtains | Wayfair, Sheer Voile Single Curtain Panel $6.99


A special thank you to Chelsie Lopez for the photography!




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