How to Cope Trim

How to Cope Trim 1

Wondering how to cope trim? Or even what coping trim means?

Coping or scribing is the woodworking technique of shaping the end of a molding to neatly fit the molding butting up into, such as base trim. 

Step One:

With your miter saw, cut a 45-degree angle back cut on your trim to reveal the profile of the cut you will need to make. 

Step Two:

Flip your trim piece and cut down the profile line until you reach the curved area of your trim. Angle your saw about 30 degrees to remove more material from the back of your trim. With a coping saw or an angle grinder with a sanding attachment, remove the trim material from the curved area of your trim. Be careful to follow your profile line.

Step Three:

Clean up your cuts with sandpaper or a file. 


How to Cope Trim 2

How to Cope Trim 3

How to Cope Trim 4


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