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Outdoor Oasis | DIY 1

Outdoor Oasis 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Wayfair. Although we were compensated to write this post, all opinions and content are our own, and we stand behind and use all brands and products we endorse on our site.

Summer is officially here! And it’s been a hot and muggy one here in Minnesota. And we love being outside as a family and entertaining, even throughout the heatwave.

But if we’re honest, our deck gives us nightmares. It’s been on our to-do list to tear it down and rebuild it, but it keeps getting pushed off.

Maybe this summer! Fingers crossed. But regardless, being we’ve always had these plans, I’ve held off making it look nice and enjoyable. And this year – I thought how silly is that for how much time we spend out here.

So today, I wanted to share a few pieces we got from Wayfair and share a handful of favorites that are still on our list for your outdoor oasis inspiration! 

Eligah Wood Elevated Planter

The Eligah Wood Planter was such a fun addition. We are going on three years of having a garden back behind the shop, and each year our little dudes get more and more excited to not only plant it but maintain it as well.

The excitement they get every morning to go and check what’s growing before school melts my heart.

We thought we’d take it up a notch this year and wanted to incorporate a “salad bar” garden right on our deck. And we’ve already been enjoying it so much for dinners! It’s also the perfect height so they can reach into it, and it fits SO much in it! 

Outdoor Oasis | DIY 2

Outdoor Oasis | DIY 3

Outdoor Oasis | DIY 4

Geometric Outdoor Area Rug

We wanted to have a rug underneath our table to hide as much of the deck as possible, HA! The Lugo Geometric rug was the perfect addition to make our deck a cozy and fun entertaining space. 

Outdoor Oasis | DIY 5

\Outdoor Oasis | DIY 6

Outdoor Oasis | DIY 7

Tropical Palm Tree 

If you need to bring the ocean to you, or the feeling of the ocean to you, then get this tropical palm tree. It’ll bring all the tropical vibes your way. 

Bulb Globe String Light

Another fun addition to an outdoor patio deck is string lights. They make the space feel so magical and cozy, which is exactly what we were going for. These bulb globe string lights give off that vibe we love. 

Chaise Lounge Set 

Pools, lakes, or oceans are the perfect backdrop for summer, and it’s SO important to enjoy that space. Relax and lounge on this Chaise lounge set.

Foliage Mix Plant 

I love plants and love being able to teach my kids how to take care of plants. This live mix plant in pot set is the perfect combination of plants to add to our deck and bring the space to life with some greenery. Between our salad garden and these plants, we’re set! 

Rectangular Outdoor Table Set

Picnic tables are a great addition to any outdoor space. There’s ample seating and places to set all your food. We love the look of this table set

Outdoor Bistro Set

If you have a smaller space or want another smaller sitting area. This outdoor bistro is the perfect addition. It’s functional but also adds a sweet little element to your outdoor space.

Drinking Glasses

I am a HUGE fan of glasses like these. I have a whole cabinet overflowing with these types of glasses, but it doesn’t stop me from buying more. We LOVE them and wanted to share them with you so you can love them as much we do! Get them in clear, blue, pink, or all three colors! Any of them work, and they’re all so fun to add to your summer cookout. 


Relaxing is the keyword for a summer oasis, and in my opinion, a hammock is needed to make any oasis complete. This cozy hammock will make for the PERFECT addition to your summer oasis. 




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