How To Properly Clean Your Engineered Hardwood Floors

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Urban Flooring

Here at c2s, we cannot get enough of Urban Floors! We spec them whenever we can, and we always rave about them. They’re in the Molitor house, as well as in the Sport Court, and they’re in a number of the homes we have done in the past.

How To Properly Clean Your Engineered Hardwood Floors 1

Engineered Versus Laminate

Kayla and I recently met with our amazing Urban Floor rep, Kari, to see the new styles and talk more about their amazing flooring. One thing that Kari had stressed was that people wash their hardwood wrong. They think it’s laminate flooring and will wash their floors with water or water and Windex, which is a big no-no! 

Kari talked to us about the correct way to wash your engineered hardwood, so we thought we would share the knowledge with you! 

How To Properly Clean Your Engineered Hardwood Floors 2

One major thing that causes problems with cleaning engineered hardwood is people often think that their engineered hardwood is laminate. There is a big difference between the two. Engineered hardwood has a top layer of solid wood, whereas laminate has a photographic layer made to look like hardwood. 

How To Properly Clean Your Engineered Hardwood Floors 3

Cleaning Your Engineered Hardwood

Urban Flooring has many great resources on its website, such as videos, to learn the proper way to clean your engineered hardwood floors.

Something Kari stressed was that you are not supposed to wet mop your hardwood floors because it could damage them. You also should never use products such as Windex, as that can start to wear down on the finish of the wood. 

Instead, Urban Floors recommend and swear by Bona products. Specifically the professional-grade Bona Floor Cleaner. This helps remove dirt and dust and keeps your floors intact. All-purpose cleaners are not recommended because they can dull the floor’s finish and leave a hazy residue instead of looking nice and sparkly clean. 

How To Properly Clean Your Engineered Hardwood Floors 4

For everyday cleaning, sweep, dust, and vacuum the floor. Make sure not to use oil-based soaps, and do not wet mop your floors, as this will wreck the flooring. Just like wet mopping, it is not advised to steam clean your wood floors. 

Who knew that there could be a right and a wrong way to clean wood floors! We hope this gave you some insight into the correct way to clean your wood floors, as well as some great resources to help you along the way.  

How to Clean Your Engineered Hardwood

How To Properly Clean Your Engineered Hardwood Floors 5

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