Installing A Fireplace

Look at this beautiful blank canvas?! When our client asked us what this space needed we knew instantly. Beautiful built-ins, fireplace, and refinished floors.

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Installing a fireplace will not be that hard, but it does help to be a bit handy with tools. We’ve done a handful of fireplaces so today we want to share with you some of our past projects and tips for installing a fireplace.


The best course of action would always be to leave the job to professionals while you call a removals company and have a relocation trip or a vacation to somewhere until they are done, but if you do want to do it all yourself and will not take no for an answer, then go right ahead. But be warned, it’s always better to at least ask the advice of an expert – just as you wouldn’t move before asking a moving company about it, you should ask a technician about tips on fireplace installations.

If you already have a spot for the fireplace in mind and there will be no relocation needed, and you are installing the insert you will need to make sure there is an outlet to plug in the fan on the insert. If there is not an outlet you need to have an electrician come put one in.

Fireplace Mantel Before and during construction

You will also need a liner for the chimney. Tie a rope to the end of the liner. This will make it easier to pull through the chimney. You will then add the liner piece with the damper to the top of the insert. Slide the insert half way in. Now attach the liner in the chimney to the liner with the damper. Plug in the fan and finish sliding the insert into place. Cut the liner sticking out of the top of the chimney to where it is just slighty sticking out. Now using high heat silicone, line the top of the chimney and set your chimney cap in place.

Congratulations, the job is mostly done, but there is still one element missing. After all this hard work, where is the sofa or armchair you will want placed in front of the fireplace? Come on, you know you want a little comfort spot which you can use to read a nice book in a cosy atmosphere.

Carrara Marble Fireplace Surround

But do be careful when cleaning the chimney! Just as you call professional house movers to help with house relocations, you should call professional chimney sweeps to deal with the cleaning of the chimney. You do not want to deal with that yourself – one wrong step and you will be cleaning ashes off the floor and walls – and off yourself for ages!

There you have it. Now grab a cup of hot cocoa and snuggle up next to your new fire before summer is here! 

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2 years ago

It’s good to know that you can prevent your chimney from harmful build-up by using a gas to light your fireplace. I love fireplaces but they do cause a lot of potential health issues if not used properly. I want to get one so I think i”ll get it but only ever use gas on it so I don’t cause any hazardous side effects.