Introducing Amy Olson

You guys! We are SO excited to introduce you to this gorgeous blonde bombshell that has recently joined our team. Everyone meet Amy Olson.


Not only is Amy a doll, she has won our little G man’s heart from the start. When one of her first tasks was to pick our son up from daycare with little direction, and without hesitation she said yes, we knew she was our gal!

Amy has been our behind the scenes girl for a couple months now. She has been assisting us in running our social accounts, branding management, marketing objectives, influencer programs, helping with G, and she even knows how to get her hands dirty.  Plus so much more.


Amy comes from the small town of Roseau, MN. She graduated from St. Cloud State with degree in business marketing and psychology, all while playing college hockey. After graduation, she went on a two month road trip to western Canada and then down the American west coast on Hwy 1. She quickly realized corporate life was not for her after a year at her first job, which she left to pursue another travel opportunity. She then spent three months in Nicaragua helping with social management at a surf lodge (what a life!).  After coming back to the States, and taking a little trip to Montana and Alberta, she found us.


Besides her experiences, passion for people, love for life, and being one of the happiest people we have ever met, the best thing we love about Amy is her love for her family. There’s really not a time that she’s working for us where her family doesn’t get  brought up in conversation. Our number one priority is our family, and we would never hire anyone for our team who didn’t share our same values, ethics, and entrepreneurial  spirit. And this girl definitely has them all and the biggest heart.

Let me tell you my favorite story about Amy and one of our clients….

Once upon a time I overbooked myself, and I let one particular client know that this happened and told them Amy would be filling in for me for a couple days and would be working with them on their project. To ensure I left them in good hands…I went on to tell them how beautiful she was inside and out and how he was just going to love her.

Later that day, I got a text from our client saying, “I see exactly why you love Amy.”

Knowing there was a story behind it, I quickly responded with, “Why?” …I was a little nervous while I waited for his reply.

He then replied, “She’s the exact same person as YOU.”

hahahaha! It made me laugh so hard and made me so happy at the same time. Hiring someone to interact with your clients is a little nerve racking. So it’s been a dream come true knowing that someone that is just like us can quickly step up and help us out and be places, when we can’t be.

Fun Amy facts!

  • Currently training to run a race each month through the summer
  • Training for her Barre certification in May (She also gives me training workouts to do!)
  • Podcast activist
  • Her favorite food is sushi
  • Favorite beverage is Kombucha/ COCONUT OIL COFFEE
  • Favorite Social Platform: Instagram
  • Favorite device: iPhone
  • Favorite emoji: peace sign
  • Ice cream is the way to this girls heart or anything with peanut butter
  • She schedules and lives by her large penciled calendar (another reason why I love her)

Everyone welcome Amy to the team! We can’t wait for you to get to know her more and love her as we much as we do.




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Caroline Olson
Caroline Olson
6 years ago

Welcome Amy!!! An Olson girl on the job with Construction2Style?! Finally!! I LOVE it!!! I could not be more happy and excited to hear about everything coming up!! This fit sounds perfect! 🙂 Way to go girlfriend(s)! Hugs to G! xoxo!