jordan willaby

Where’s your favorite place to find home inspo or to buy things home improvement?

I love Studio McGee, Magnolia Market, Emily Henderson, and Room and Board!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

On the business side, my dream is to have my own interior design and graphic design shop. In life, I want to be someone that inspires other people, a great wife (and someday mom!), and a friend that can be counted on.

Favorite construction2style project?

I loved the Modern Farmhouse Basement with the cozy fireplace, wood floors, sliding barn door, and fun bathroom. It was one of the first projects that I saw from start to finish and helped with selections, which was an awesome experience.

Favorite place in the world?

This is a hard one because I love traveling to new places! Growing up, my family would go to FL and stay in a little beach house where we collected seashells, picked oranges off the tree in the backyard, and swam in the ocean. Every time we went, it felt like a home away from home and I loved making those memories with my fam.

Which 2 individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most?

1. Joanna Gaines. She does everything with such grace, her creativity inspires me, and her passion for her hometown is incredible!
2. My parents at my age. I think that would be pretty entertaining 🙂

What are you watching on Netflix?

I don’t watch a ton of Netflix, but I am a huge This is Us fan because the character development is incredible and so real. I also love watching Friends with my siblings!

What’s your favorite family tradition?

About 20 years ago, my mom’s side of the family started going to a lodge in the middle of the country for Christmas or Thanksgiving. All 25 cousins – 19 boys and 6 girls, the aunts & uncles, and my grandparents spend 3 nights there and we just hang out, play tons of games, and eat lots of food (including popcorn, our favorite). Back in the day, we used to perform talent shows which was quite entertaining! Now that cousins are getting married, we are adding more people and it is SO FUN! I look forward to it every single year!