Kitchen Wall Tile Design

Tile walled backsplashes are our new favorite! They are absoloutely gorgeous. And we’re so glad our client wanted to do one in their kitchen remodel we recently completed. Kitchen Wall Tile Designs

Backsplashes were typically meant more for functionality than design,  as they are meant to protect your walls from spills, splashes, and stains. Well in today’s world, we’re not only about function, but style too. How can you not be when there are so many beautiful choices out there? Wall tile is replacing paint and wallpaper for design trends in 2016. Whether it’s an accent wall in your bedroom, bathroom, office, or kitchen, they are the new must have.

13210 35th Ave N Minneapolis-print-025-23-Kitchen-2700x1801-300dpi

Within our recent kitchen remodel our client wanted a beautiful accent tile wall behind her sink. It was the perfect design touch to their entire renovation. We used beautiful white frost glass tiles from The Tile Shop with white grout.

To us, a kitchen’s backsplash is a reflection of the homeowner’s style. These tiles should showcase the kitchen design and color scheme in the rest of the room. Our clients wanted a very clean and modern design, yet traditional. The backsplash is a main focal point and I think this beautiful wall does just that. 13210 35th Ave N Minneapolis-print-024-24-Kitchen-2700x1801-300dpi

There are a lot of benefits from choosing a glass tile. They make your space instantly feel bigger as light bounces and reflects from the tiles. They are also very clean looking and easy to clean, as well as durable.
13210 35th Ave N Minneapolis-print-023-28-Kitchen-2700x1802-300dpiI couldn’t have envisioned a more perfect wall to stare into when doing my dishes.

Wall Tile | White Frost
Granite | White Ice
Vases | Home Goods
Hydrangeas | Target Home
Flowers | Micheals


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6 years ago

I haven’t seen a wall feature quite like that before, but I love it! Thanks for sharing.