Sneak Peek of our Laundry Room Makeover

Sneak Peek of our Laundry Room Makeover 1

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A huge thank you to Angie’s List for sponsoring this makeover.

Hey friends! Today’s post comes to you from the beautiful city of Orlando. I’m here this week for the KBIS and IBS show. So we’ve been on inspiration overload!! Poor Jamie wasn’t able to make it out with me. After all, someone has to work around here…haha…like he likes to say. I always like to tell him, he can try the marketing and design role and he just laughs at me. Grateful I married a hard working man that knows how to get the jobs done! He’s home starting on a new kitchen project and two bathroom projects before we reunite in Colorado for a little family vacation today.

So anywhoo..if you guys follow our Instagram stories, you know we were crazy pants a couple weekends ago refreshing our entire laundry room in one weekend. We teamed up with Angie’s List to refresh and reorganize this space, all for under $500.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you all of our tips and tricks YET, since they’ll be published live on Angie’s List. Don’t worry, as soon as they are up, we’ll be shouting it from the rooftops!

how to refresh and reorganize your laundry room | construction2style | Jamie and Morgan Molitor

Even though this project was quick, it was a super fun and we were excited we had the push to whip this room into shape. I think it was actually less stressful and more fun to refresh a space on short notice and timeline, rather than having weeks or months to prepare and overanalyze all of our selection choices, haha!

Our mudroom/laundry room had quickly become our dumping zone, as we haven’t gotten fully moved in and organized at our new home. We’ve had a lot of people asking when the heck we are going to share the before and after of what we did in the space, so we thought we’d put together a little post to give you a sneak peek.


As you can see…we had a real hot mess going on in here…

construction2style | New Home Makeover
how to refresh and reorganize your laundry room | construction2style | Jamie and Morgan Molitor


how to refresh and reorganize your laundry room | construction2style | Jamie and Morgan Molitor


I’m not joking when I say we’ve been hanging out in here since we refreshed the space.

Jamie and Morgan Molitor, construction2style | How to refresh your laundry room space on a budget

Our number one priority was creating a clean, fresh, and organized space. Just like our bathrooms, we want our laundry room feeling fresh and clean. I’m tired of painting cabinets white, so wasn’t fully onboard with going white on the cabinets, but yet wanted a light and clean space. So I contemplated what color to choose for the cabinetry, and in the end, we chose Ellie Gray for the cabinetry and Simply White by Benjamin Moore for the walls. Jamie and I were laughing a lot because with previous homes and clients we’ve painted all the trim white and the walls dark gray this past year. And now we’re painting the walls white and leaving the trim dark. Those darn trends, keep us on our toes!




And of course, we couldn’t have gotten it done so quickly without the help of our little G man. He is totally a little Jamie. Monkey see, monkey do…


And, hopefully, he’ll soon help me with the laundry because this baby bump just keeps getting bigger and bigger…


We can’t wait to show you guys our top 10 ways to organize your space on Angie’s List with you all soon. We’ll be sharing it in our newsletter first when it’s live, so if you don’t already get our weekly tips and tricks, make sure to sign up in the footer of our website for Monday with the Molitors.


Have a wonderful week friends! And hope you’re staying warm.

J + M

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