Let’s taco bout fun, Beckam turned one!

taco bout fun, beckam's turning one | construction2style

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated Beck turning one!

Not gonna lie, we threw this party together days before his actual birthday. And being it fell on Cinco de Mayo weekend we decided to go with a taco theme.

I mean who doesn’t love tacos and a good margarita?! After all, who is a 1st birthday really about, them or us parents? Our vote was it’s to celebrate us parents and after a full year of no sleeping… we needed a drink and to kick back with our friends!

Taco bar, margaritas, cold Coronas, the slip and side and some succulent cupcakes…we knew it would be a Sunday Funday!

I quickly had our girl Jordan whip up these cute invites that I emailed out…

taco bout fun, beckam's turning one | construction2style

And Amy’s Cupcakes always comes to the rescue for me! Succulent cupcakes… c’mon?!

And with a few cute party supplies from Party City, we were ready to party!

The hat didn’t quite fit right… but it was only $7 bucks…so…it worked.

But on his actual birthday, Jamie and I decided to take the day off and enjoy a family day together. We went to our favorite breakfast spot, Old Main (which reminds me of my parent’s former small town restaurant and makes me SO happy), followed by giving Beckam his first haircut with G by his side. And then after nap time, we spent the afternoon at the zoo.

It was the perfect day.

I’m still smiling thinking about it. We just winged the day, and it was magical. What I wish we could have every day.


Then we waited for the weekend to invite family over to have a Sunday Funday!

His Grandma, who the boys call “Honey,” made his taco smash cake. Didn’t she nail it?! She’s been making Greyson’s cakes every year for his birthday, and now it looks like she’ll be making Beckam’s with the help of Greyson of course.

And a huge, huge thank you to our girlfriend Chelsie who came to the party (and was supposed to be having fun and not working) and as a gift captured all the moments and shared them with us. Capturing these moments meant the world to us and the best gift we could receive.

Such a fun chill day playing in the sun and having some family time!


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