Living Room Makeover

living room makeover on construction2styleThis November will mark 2 years since we bought our current investment renovation home. To sell or not to sell has been the big question on our minds. We renovated what felt like the entire home within 3 short months of closing. But now that we’re contemplating selling and moving onto our next renovation property…it feels like we just compiled a list of never ending jobs that we have to finish before we can think about selling.

Our basement being the biggest on the to-do list, but shouldn’t take us too long. Setting aside time to do it, well that is another story. On top of that list of to-do’s is sharing our full before and afters of each room with you all, our wonderful friends. At the close of our home, we finished renovating our main living room right away being there wasn’t much to remodeling it. But…it took us some time to decorate. And don’t judge me, I still have some work to do. But in the meantime, check out our progress and a full list of where we purchased our goodies.


 As much as I LOOOOOVE Christmas we just had to say goodbye to the red carpet and green walls….


One of the many fabulous things of why we fell in love with this home was the beautiful wainscoting they had. Which I am now officially obsessed with and will be doing for future homes. Sorry Jams! He reminds me A LOT about how much detailed work it can be. (He also recently just did custom wainscoting for his sister’s design project. Check out the details HERE).

With a little paint, new carpet, knockdown ceiling, knocking out one wall, and new decor we were easily able to remodel this room on a budget. Let the demo fun begin…

under construction




The biggest change we brought to this room was creating an opening from the living room to the kitchen, this made the world of a difference.

The most difficult challenge within this room that we ran into was scraping the popcorn ceiling. There were areas that you could tell had been painted over…which at times seems like an impossible job. But with a lot of water, patience, and my mother-in-law’s positive attitude, her and I were able to scrape the entire ceiling clean after many, many hours.
Grey Color Paint Living Room Remodel

We used the same grey color paint that we used in our 1st home renovation property, Slate Grey by Restoration Hardware. I’ve recommended this paint color to many people and everyone has been in love!



I’m really not a fan of the fireplace. I’m not a marble or tile around the fireplace kinda gal…but I know a lot of people love the look so if we sell, that will stay.

construction2style Living Room Makeover



Family Photoshoot on couch in living room



The former owners left all of their furniture for us in their home. I absolutely loved the victorian style couches they left. But the fabric had definitely seen its better days. So we hired my lovely friend Kara Hallie to find fabric and reupholster one of them for us. The other couch we are still on the hunt for the perfect fabric.

purple and gold reupholstered tufted vintage couch

They also left us these white chairs with ottomans that are extremely comfy. I didn’t want to get rid of them being they were so comfy, but I didn’t like the outdated look of them. My sister-in-law suggested simply cutting and pinning up the bottom flaps and it created a drastic change instantly. 

Peacock Sign Decor in living room, construction2style, Katie Kurtz


She also picked up two peacock signs for us, for each side of our window. I was in looooove. Blue and greens are my favorite and I have used that color scheme throughout our entire home.

Molitor Family

Over the past two years I’ve been picking up random pieces for our home. We bought the mirror from Home Goods, couch from Ashley Furniture, pillows from Marshalls, ottoman from HOME Furniture, and ottoman tray- made by us. (Learn how to make your own, HERE). construction2style family


Family Photoshoot on couch in living room

Family Photoshoot on couch in living room


Carpentry Work

Jamie made me this gorgeous wooden couch sleeve for Valentine’s day. As you can see our couch in our living room has high sides which makes it hard to place an end table on either side. We love having it. I’m begging him for another one for my side of the couch now (being he stole my gift!). They are comfortable and you can easily put it away if you don’t always want it out when entertaining. P150808_C2S_018

construction2style Living Room Makeover

construction2style Living Room Makeover

Before & Afterconstruction2style before and after living room remodel in Otsego, MN construction2style before and after living room remodel in Otsego, MN

WAHOO! And that’s our living room makeover. Thanks for reminiscing with us over our living room remodel and we hope you were able to take away a few design ideas! Details of where we got what below.

Silver Mirror | Home Goods
Couch | Ashley Furniture
Pillows | Marshalls
Ottoman |HOME Furniture
Ottoman Tray | construction2style
Wooden Couch Sleeve | construction2styl
Paint Color | Grey Slate by Restoration Hardware
Vases & Picture Frames | Marshalls

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