Meet Our Team | Jordan Willaby

meet our team | jordan willaby

We’re so excited for you to meet our newest designer, Jordan!  This bright light has been doing behind the scenes work for us since March of 2017 including graphic design, interior design, styling selections, and content development. People often ask Jamie and I how we manage to do all the things, and let me tell you, it’s because of our incredibly talented crew. So over the next couple weeks we’re going to introduce them to you so you can get to know them all a little bit more.

So everyone say hello to our girl Jordan!

Jordan, tell our readers about yourself.

I’m a small town Minnesota girl at heart, and I graduated from Northwestern College in May 2017 with a degree in communications with an emphasis in graphic design. This summer I married my incredible high school sweetheart, and we moved to the Twin Cities! Right now, I’m working on my degree in interior design and loving working with construction2style!

How would you describe your design style?

I love a good mix of mid-century modern with a little farmhouse thrown in. I love homes with history and sentimental pieces. They make me so happy! Greenery, white, and black are my faves!

Meet Our Team | Jordan Willaby 1

Fun Facts:

  • Coffee + coffee ice cream is the way to her heart
  • She loves her family A LOT
  • Favorite social platform: Instagram
  • Loves calligraphy and creating invites + wedding signs (see her work on Insta @jordanwillabydesigns)
  • She ran a half marathon
  • Popcorn is a staple food in her home
  • Reading and podcasts bring her joy

What do you like most about working with construction2style?

Jamie and Morgan are AWESOME! They love their family so much, and their passion for their business is incredible. Every day is something new, and it challenges my creativity, which is fun! Morgan has an infectious positivity, and I love brainstorming ideas with her.

Meet Our Team | Jordan Willaby 2

Aww, we love that. Everyone, welcome Jordan to the team! We cannot say enough great things about this girl. From her lifestyle to her work ethic from the day we met her, I knew she was going to be a perfect fit.

Jordan found us through Instagram and reached out to us in August of 2016. After grabbing a quick drink and mad dashing into an event within 20 minutes of her knowing me, and jumping right in to help me out, I knew she was our girl! Where we have taken construction2style this past year, we owe a ton to this one. She’s taken so much off our plate that we’ve been able to spend more time with our babies, one another, and dream even bigger. Everyone welcome Jordan to the team! You’ll be seeing a lot more of this one.

Meet Our Team | Jordan Willaby 3


Meet Our Team | Jordan Willaby 4

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