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Topher is Jamie’s right-hand man. Topher found and reached out to us on Instagram fall of 2016 and asked if we needed any handyman help. We stalked his Instagram account and quickly realized he had carpentry talent, so we grabbed a coffee to see what he had to offer. We hit it off and decided to take the plunge of hiring our very first helping hand. At the time, he was going to school at the U of M so started helping us out part-time last winter.

Up until that point, Jamie was doing it all on his own, and he was in desperate need of some help. He was working 12 hour days and not taking any breaks over the weekend. When Topher reached out to us, we had just found out we were expecting baby #2. To say it was a blessing is an understatement.

We couldn’t be more grateful to have Topher on our team. We’ve quickly found in this industry that finding a guy with talent and personality is rare. And this guy has it both.

Everyone say hello to our guy who is out there in the field with Jamie day in and day out. Meet, Topher.

topher and jamie

Topher, tell our readers a little about you:

My real name is Christopher Rose, but most people call me Topher. I grew up in Prior Lake, Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota and received my BA in Psychology. I recently got married, and I live in Hopkins.

How did you find construction2style?

I found C2S on Instagram. I reached out and asked if there was any opportunity for employment. I had started a little woodworking shop at that point but wanted to learn the trade of construction.

Fun Facts:

  • His favorite food is orange chicken from Panda Express.
  • He loves fly fishing
  • He played college baseball for two years in Arizona
  • He has over 30 pairs of shoes and 40 hats.
  • Topher listens to a lot of books on tape while he’s working and his favorite is Unbroken
  • His pet peeve is not being able to find Tupperware lids

What do you love about working for construction2style?

I love the direction the company is headed. It is exciting to work for a company that constantly strives to grow and further their potential. I am extremely blessed to work along side such an incredible teacher and wise craftsman as Jamie aka Bossman.

Topher did give Jamie the nickname, Boss Man. So that’s what we wall call him now. We couldn’t be more grateful for Topher. He is a true reflection of our brand- with his talents, creativity, personality, and the genuine type of man that he is.

If you guys have hired us to remodel your home in the past, you know this great guy, or if you plan to hire us in the future, this stud muffin will be running the show. If not, you’ll be seeing a lot more of him online as I’ve officially given him access to our Instagram and Facebook accounts! Watch out… haha!

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