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Monster Jam with G Man | construction2style

Happy Sunday, friends!

I meant to post this a few weeks back. Hope you all are having a great weekend! We’ve been all over the map for what it feels like months, being away from our babies, but it’s only been weeks and as I’m sitting down to write our recaps I realized I forgot the most important one… our date night with out G-man.

A few weeks ago we took Greyson to Monster Jam. It was pretty entertaining!

Monster Jam with G Man 1

Now that he’s coming up on four-years-old, we always find that one-on-one time means to a lot to him. So instead of going to Supercross this year, which was last weekend, we went to Monster Jam.

Jamie and I had never been before, so it was the first experience for all! Because of a little too many YouTube videos and all the ads, Greyson had his eye on this event for a long time. We’ve literally been pretending that they’ve been slowly driving to Minnesota over the past month, it was so cute! Every day he’d ask and make us point on the map where they are now and when they’d be here.

Watching his eyes as these trucks did their tricks was priceless!

Monster Jam with G Man 2

Monster Jam with G Man 3

We always find that whenever Greyson starts to act up and be a little crabby, all he needs is a  little alone time with mommy and daddy. So we sent Beckam with grandma and took G out! It was such a fun night, and we just wanted to share some of the fun we had.

If you’re wondering if this event is worth it, we thought so! But if we would have had Beckam with us too, we might be saying otherwise…

Like father, like son… they are always so into the games. I always make fun of them, whatever they are really into, they are very serious about. No joking around here!

Monster Jam with G Man 4

Monster Jam with G Man 5


We hope you all have a great week!

M + J

Monster Jam with G Man 6

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