“Raising My Tribe” with Evereve

Hey guys! Looking for the perfect Mother’s day gift? Well I have a few for you. Let’s start with “Raising My Tribe.”

"Raising My Tribe" with Evereve | construction2style

And you Hot Mommas! Have you shopped at Evereve before? If not- run! Get there now. It’s amazing. There’s basically nothing in that store that I don’t want in my shopping cart.

More than just their amazing clothes, I love the story behind their brand. Megan, the CEO and founder of Evereve, believes that a mom who is fully alive is the best gift to her family. She started Evereve years ago as a mom in a need  to help other moms, and she opened her first store right here in our very own city, Edina, MN. You can read more about the store HERE. 

I couldn’t have been more honored as a mom to partner with Evereve on their new launch. They gave me a few tanks to choose from and how can you just pick one?! I decided on three and well, I’ve basically been rotating them everyday since they arrived in the mail.

Here is post number one of a few showing some cool designs. Let’s start with my favorite, “Raising My Tribe” and what that means to me.
"Raising My Tribe" with Evereve | construction2style

This is so fitting for us. I always refer to our family, our friends within the industry and all of moms across the world, that we are all little tribes. We’re all in this together, especially as moms, we all are one big, gigantic tribe helping one another be stronger and better.

"Raising My Tribe" with Evereve | construction2style

Raising My Tribe?!

This is a loaded question. Being a wife and mother is a whirlwind of emotions. Sometimes I am so tired and all I want to do is put my kid to bed before 7 and other times I come home and all I do is take him out of bed and hold and cuddle him for hours wishing he’d wake up. Half the time Jamie and I are ready to conquer the world and the other half we think we are about to lose it all. It’s a constant battle, but that is what makes life so fun and interesting right?!

But the one thing we know is how to love and love hard. Now matter what life throws our way the 3 of us are in it together. We have so much love and respect for our parents and grandparents that we want to be able to lead a life by example and leave a legacy just like our family has. No matter what our kids and grandchildren and great grandchildren learn in life our number one priority is to make sure they know they were loved. We truly believe that if they are kind and love one another, life will be good.

We have no idea where life will take us but what we do know is that we’re doing the best we can to raise our little tribe right here, taking one day at a time and helping as many as we can.

"Raising My Tribe" with Evereve | construction2style

We had so much fun at this shoot and there is nothing more that I love than my little tribe right here.

Click HERE to order your tank online today.

"Raising My Tribe" with Evereve | construction2style

Raising My Tribe Tank | Evereve
Bead Necklace | Evereve
Black Jeans | Gap
Purple V-Neck | Express
Black Mesh Hat | construction2style
Blue Jeans | Gap
Greyson’s Tank | H & M
Greyson’s Hat | H & M
Greyson’s Jeans | Gap Kids


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Mother Mary
Mother Mary
6 years ago

I love your photos from this shoot…and now they need to start a store for hip Grammy’s like me…ha, ha!