Mother’s Day Giveaway

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I hope all you mommas got extra spoiled and loved on today by your kiddos or even your best girlfriends!

My girl, Katie, got us these adorable shirts so us mommas could twin in style. They are super comfy too.

So today we decided we want to spoil you ladies too!

We’re giving away three free Milk & Honey T’s to one lucky winner over on our Instagram account. One for you and two to give to two of your best girlfriends who need some extra loving on.

Mother's Day Giveaway 1

Making mom friends has given me a whole new set of girlfriends and deep friendships. Mom friends are unlike any other. You can be a total crazy ass, and there is never any judgment. They get you on another level and know the daily chaos.

And these two girls are two of my best moms friends. We’ve only all known one another for a couple years but it’s felt like a lifetime. We all run our own businesses too, so sometimes our crazy can be straight up insanity. Ha!

Linked up with these two in my life I know I’ll never fall. They’re always holding me up and pushing me to be the best me I can be!

Mother's Day Giveaway 2

Head on over to our Instagram account HERE to enter to win. We’ll announce the winner on Thursday.

Good Luck! Can’t wait to see one of you and your two besties rocking these T’s!!

Mother's Day Giveaway 3

Mother's Day Giveaway 4

Mother's Day Giveaway 5

Mother's Day Giveaway 6

Photo Credit: Paisley & Sparrow

Mother's Day Giveaway 7

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