On the Move Again…

Staircase Design | Jamie and Morgan Molitor | construction2style, MN Home Remodeling Team

WAHOO! We have officially sold our second home! A huge THANK YOU to our sister, Katie Kurtz, for helping us with the sale of this and purchase of our next home.

We are SO SO SO excited to move into our third, only a couple more weeks. Until then we’ve moved back in with the parents. haha!

We bought this home with the intent to renovate and sell. We have renovated and flipped three homes now. Two on our own that we have lived in and one Jamie did quickly with his parents. It’s crazy to think that our first home is what got construction2style started in the first place. Without that purchase we would have started documenting our home remodeling journey in which led us into a full design and renovation business. It’s really crazy and fun to look back and see how those little choices we made has led us to living the life we would have never dreamed of.

So now that we’re crazy people and busy with our clients renovations, we are beyond excited we found a home that doesn’t need much work. Which means, we can actually come home to a HOME and not more work, haha! Knowing us, I’m sure we’ll still find a million things to do in our new home to bring in more of our style and make it our home. We don’t have any plans as of right now to put a lot of work or money into it.

Our plan is to stay in this next house for awhile, possibly forever.  And we can’t wait to show you guys our next property. But our investment property journeys aren’t over yet! We have big goals and plans of starting to build to sell this year!! Which we’ll share more on later.

Over the last couple years, we have slowly but surely recapped the renovations we did in this home. If you missed them you can check them out here:

Staircase Remodel
Master Bedroom Makeover
Living Room Makeover
Greyson’s Nursery
Our Office
Small Guest Bathroom Remodel
Kitchen Remodel
Dining Room Remodel
Master Bathroom Remodel

We put a lot of work into this home and we made a lot of memories. We are so sad to say goodbye but are SO excited for new adventures. We hope the new homeowners love it as much as we did. The view is to die for if you ask us and we know we’ll never get a view to wake up to like that again. That is one thing I’m for sure going to miss.

Cheers to new renovating adventures!!

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Karrie Trowbridge
5 years ago

Morgan, you guys are so ahead of the game! We started flipping the same way(16 years ago)…and, you can’t beat the tax benefit of not paying capital gains when you sell your primary after living there for 2 years! We’re on a similar journey as you guys and it’s neat how these events and talents evolve over time. I definitely thank God for making my way known to me by this same organic process that has led you into your career. Anyway, I’m so excited for your next adventure and I love keeping up with your endeavors here and on Instagram! Keep up the good work girlie!!