Option {M} Vintage Industrial Style

vintage industrial style

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Metrie. Although we are compensated, all opinions are our own and we stand behind and use all brands and products we write about.

We are super excited to be partnering up again with Metrie and their launch of Option {M}. We love this brand and can’t wait to share and use their new line of products with you!

Introducing Option {M}

Whether your style is more Shabby Chic, Bohemian, Modern Farmhouse, or Vintage Industrial, they have an option for you. That’s not even all of the design styles of their new line, Option {M}. With this new line, Metrie has taken all of the top design styles and has curated interior moulding and door combinations that have a highly visual impact.

Many times when we’re scrolling on Pinterest and without us even knowing, the pins we repin and want our homes to be like are because of the details in the mouldings, trim and doors. More often than not, we think it’s simply just the style and decor in the room, when that same decor wouldn’t catch our eye at all without the added detail. We can’t stress enough how important it is to pay attention to the detail of millwork throughout your home.

Option {M} Vintage Industrial Style 1

When working with our clients that have been down the remodel phase without us, they typically tell us how stressful it is to pick out these finishings in the store and on their own since there are hundreds of styles, sizes and options to choose. You don’t realize how many styles of trim exist until you’re updating your home and standing in the store looking at the endless aisles.

But when working with Metrie, it’s so easy and it’s pretty darn fun. I mean the first question they ask is what kind of music you like to listen to. ha! They help you find the style you love and might not even know you liked. They take you through a step-by-step process and within a few simple clicks you have your perfect moulding and doors picked out to complement everything else you’re putting in the space. And best of all, it’s a really good, quality product that you’re putting into your home. Metrie meets the highest standards for both quality and design.

4 Ways to Get the Vintage Industrial Look

One of our favorite new styles within this line is the Vintage Industrial. The Vintage Industrial styles are really hot right now with all of our clients and we are so thankful!

Vintage Industrial is all about concrete, exposed bricks, high ceilings, dark colors and mixing metal with wood and there are a lot of fun ways to tie in this look.

It’s also so fun when our clients are on trend and trust us to do something a little different within their home than just traditional. The Vintage Industrial style of Option {M} from Metrie is urban, edgy, bold, and makes a statement! It has clean lines that are paired with sharp angles creating a smooth yet rugged feel. And there are a lot of fun ways to get this look in your home with your trimwork.

Option {M} Vintage Industrial Style 2

1. Lose the Window Treatments

We love our curtains but if you going for this urban living look it might look best to ditch the window treatments and spend your money on the trimwork around the windows. Losing your curtains and bringing in details to your finishings around your windows gives that industrial look.

Option {M} Vintage Industrial Style 3

2. Add a Wood Plank Wall

Everyone is all about the wood plank walls right now and it’s another great way to bring in the Vintage Industrial look. Black, gray, or stained…a wood plank wall is a perfect way to incorporate the Vintage Industrial look.

We’re actually in the process of doing a plank wall in our office and we’re going all black and we can hardly wait to share.

But you don’t need to go completely black to get this look either. If you’re doing a bathroom, it would be fun to do a plank wall on one wall and then on the wall right next to it go all white tile from floor to ceiling. Then complement it with a metal mirror and a couple dark metal wall sconces on each side of the mirror to create a perfect Vintage Industrial bathroom!

Here’s an example of a cool space we did in a bathroom design and remodel in which we created a wood plank wall and stained it to match the existing trim in their home to give that modern industrial look. Then instead of your typical shower curtain rod, we used a cascade coil metal curtain with a custom iron rod we made.

Option {M} Vintage Industrial Style 4

3. Mix Metal & Original Materials

When designing spaces, mixing metals with original materials has been huge for us and our clients right now. As much as we can we always try to bring the outdoors in whether that’s with plants, ceiling beams, concrete flooring or countertops or decor. Here’s an example of where we made concrete countertops for a bathroom vanity.

Option {M} Vintage Industrial Style 5

Whether it’s in your bedroom, bathroom, closet or to separate two spaces, it looks awesome and you can’t go wrong. Even with the material selections the options are endless. But we always say to get the Vintage Industrial look you can go dark stain, white or gray, but we always recommend doing a darker metal.

Option {M} Vintage Industrial Style 6

4. Incorporate Ceiling Moulding

High ceilings and dark trim help to provide a Vintage Industrial look as well and we love putting moulding onto ceilings. Updating your ceilings is something that gets overlooked, but when it’s done, your home instantly has a richer feel. We often do this in smaller rooms and spaces because it actually makes the room feel so much bigger. In our last home, we put up an inexpensive copper ceiling panel and complemented it with some large dark stained crown moulding. Right away, it gave that industrial look and brought so much style and personality to the space. We can’t wait to do it again in our current home!

Option {M} Vintage Industrial Style 7

Let’s see your Designs!

Now it’s your turn. We want to see how you would use your Option {M} moulding to create your dream home.

Metrie is giving away 6 really good weekly prizes and a grand prize which includes a $1,000 gift card to Wayfair and a virtual design consultation with celebrity designer. Each week a different style within the line of Option {M} will be featured and a prize given. All you have to do is create your dream Vintage Industrial space with Metrie Option {M} on Pinterest, like we did HERE. Once you’ve created your board, you can submit the URL over HERE.

You know how much we love Pinterest, especially if you’ve worked with us in the past. It’s a place we go to for inspiration and dream big with our clients. We’re pinning our pants away every day using it as a source of collaboration with our clients and resource for creating mood boards.

We can’t wait to see your guys’s spaces and how you bring style to your home with Option {M}. Good Luck!


About Metrie

Metrie is a family owned company that started in 1926. They create high quality and finely crafted architectural elements in homes, which has made them the largest supplier and manufacturer of solid wood and composite moulding in North America. To learn more about Metrie you can learn more about them at Metrie.com.

Option {M} Vintage Industrial Style 8


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