Our 2020 Workshops, Tickets Available Now!

2020 Workshops | construction2style
We are SO excited to announce our 2020 workshops! And tickets are available now!! 
As we mentioned in our BizCom 2019 recap post, alongside Alta Events, our workshops are all about bringing like minded individuals to create something bigger together!
And we’re going to change things up this year, and instead of doing monthly workshops, we’re going to do quarterly in 2020. Also, instead of hosting them at our office in Elk River, we’re moving them to The Royal Foundry in Minneapolis. 
If you haven’t been to The Royal Foundry, you are going to love it! They have such a cool space, convenient location, and they mix up some mean cocktails. They are a fairly new distillery infusing the Minneapolis craft cocktail scene with a British flavor. And we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them for all of 2020. 
Our 2020 Workshops, Tickets Available Now! | construction2style
  • January 16th: Branding Workshop with Sara Schultz, Sara Schultz Co. 
  • April 23rd: PR Bootcamp, How to Pitch Like a Pro, Christine Sherping, Friend of a Friend PR 
  • July 30th: Media Kit Workshop with Morgan Molitor, construction2style 
  • October 15th: BizCom Summit 

Hop on over and grab your tickets before they’re gone! We can’t wait to see you next year! 

Branding Workshop with Sara Schultz 

After quitting a fortune 500 retail career, Sara and her husband chased summer around the world just for fun. When their travel ended over two years later, she opted to invest her energy into nurturing a business that provided an ever-full, ever-exciting life…meaning more moments of happy. And passion. Big dreams. Bigger realities. And always reaching beyond that fear for the next wild ride. And, most importantly, helping her big-dreamer clients do the same; together, she brands her clients’ businesses so they can live their dreams. In AND out of work. 
Our 2020 Workshops | Branding Workshop with Sara Schultz | construction2style
Also the founder of ThisFem™, Sara promotes equality in the community using high-quality apparel as a tool to share this mission, personally packing and shipping locally-made & ethically sourced merch from her Minneapolis home.
And if you can’t tell, she loves cheering for others…she co-founded The Merry Hour® with business-partner, Rachel, out of a deep need to connect with other doers. It’s Sara’s favorite space of gathering; the perfect night of REAL AND RAW, wine, headshots, great grub, love & support. They tease it’s better than happy hour. But that’s because it is.
Find Sara online @saraschultz.co and you can read more about Sara on her website, which is in an inspiration in itself. 
And you can grab your Branding Workshop ticket HERE.

How to Pitch Like a Pro with Christine Sherping, Friend of a Friend PR 

Do you ever turn on the TV or flip a page in your favorite magazine and wonder how the brands you see get featured? A lot of the time, it’s because a PR team pitched the brand. Getting a media placement is powerful and can be a catalyst for growing your business or building your profile. But how do you do this if you don’t have a PR team? Whether you’re a small business, an influencer, or a person who has a great story to tell, learn tips and tricks about the best ways to share your story with media.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • How to identify the right media outlets and contacts 
  • When to pitch media
  • How to figure out the best story angles
  • How to write your pitch
Our 2020 Workshops | How to Pitch Like a Pro with Christine Sherping, Friend of a Friend PR | construction2style
These tips will all come together, and you will leave the workshop with a personalized PR pitch plan for your business. Come prepared with questions, and let’s get your story shared!
Christine Scherping is the founder of Friend of a Friend, a boutique PR agency dedicated to building meaningful relationships between brands and their target audience, via a combination of influencer marketing, media relations, and events. Christine spent the majority of her 15 year PR career on the agency side, collaborating with some of the best known and most beloved brands in the country, including Bath & Body Works, Land O’Lakes, Sherwin-Williams, Caribou Coffee, and Red Baron. The industry’s most celebrated awards, including PR Week, SABREs, Silver and Gold Anvils, have recognized her PR and influencer work. Christine was also named one of the Women Champions of PR in PR Week.
You can grab your How to Pitch Like a Pro ticket HERE. 

DIY Media Kit Workshop with Morgan Molitor, construction2style 

What is a media kit? In the blogger world, a media kit is a document that outlines how bad-ass you are, your stats, key factors, who you are, and how you bring value to a brand. If you are a brand that collaborates with anyone, whether that is with another brand, influencer, or advertisers, you need to have a media kit always on hand. It’s your bible of letting all marketers know about you and your brand. In this workshop, Morgan will walk you through how to build your media kit, as well as walk you through her own media kit. And you bet you’ll leave with a template download of construction2style’s media kit to update for yourself! 
About Morgan? Morgan is the other half and co-founder of construction2style and wife to Jamie. Graduating from college in Long Beach, CA, with a fashion merchandising and marketing degree, Morgan has now taken that creativity and knowledge to use within clients’ homes and their blog. Morgan oversees all content creation, is the writing guru, and the lead interior stylist. She also heads up their online education courses and monthly marketing workshops.
DIY Media Kit Workshop with Morgan Molitor | construction2style

For over five years, Morgan and Jamie have been tearing houses apart and creating new dream spaces. Not only for their clients, but also themselves, starting as a DIY home improvement blog, and now full-service interior residential design and remodeling team. Whether you want to DIY with their tutorials online or hire them to do it for you, construction2style is your home improvement resource.

You can always find an infectious smile on Morgan’s face and hear her contagious laugh. She’s a forward thinker, risk-taker, and isn’t scared to tell you that the tile you picked out is really outdated. But will still happily install it for you!

You can grab your Media Kit Workshop ticket HERE. 

BizCom 2020… Coming Soon…

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