Our Client’s are on the Move! New Home Buying Adventure

Our Clients are on the Move - New Home Buying Adventure | construction2style

One of the first homes we ever had the opportunity to work on when we first started construction2style back in 2014 was for a family in Eden Prairie, having helped them finish off their basement while adding in a bedroom and bathroom in the space. 

Fast forward a few years and come 2017, we had the opportunity to help them transform their main level.

Remember this kitchen we did a couple years ago? 

Well this is that family we are chatting about today. 

modern white kitchen

white kitchen remodel

And for fun, here is a look at the before, same angles. 

demo walls for kitchen reveal

walls removed for open kitchen

close off wall

Having remodeled their kitchen just a couple short years ago, this family was thinking that this would be their forever home or at least raise their kids and stay for a while. But like most things in life, things change. Their family was growing and so was the need for more space. And when a home popped up on the market, it was one that they couldn’t pass up. 

Like I mentioned when we were undergoing their kitchen remodel, they loved their community, schools, friends, and neighbors, and they thought they wouldn’t find another home that would meet all their needs. So when a home popped up that checked off everything on their list but also gave them more space for their growing family, you can see why they couldn’t pass it up! So they said goodbye to this gem, packed up their bags, and moved just up the road. 

We were sad to say goodbye to this beautiful home of our clients since we also got to spend a lot of time there too, but we are now SO excited to help once again transform their new home. 

First, we’re starting with some simple upgrades and refreshes before we dive into major remodels. Which we also think is a great idea because sometimes you don’t fully know how you are going to use your new space until you’ve been their for a little bit. This gives you time to really think about how you live in your new space and what you love and hate. 

So, first up was new paint! The former homeowners were pretty bold with their color choices. We recommended painting the home with our favorite, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. We think this is the perfect neutral color choice as it can lean either gray or beige, not giving too much of one or the other. And like most things in life, our styles change so our favorite thing about this color choice is that it can adapt and change with your decor and style. 

Next up, decor! And we can’t wait to share the choices with you. Pieces are trickling in and it’s already adding such a new fun style into their home. 

Can’t wait to share progress shots with you and take you on our client’s new home buying, design, and renovation experience. 

Our Client's are on the Move! New Home Buying Adventure 1

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1 year ago

Thanks for nice share … This is really impressive DIY project. The house look really much more luxury after your work.

Jordan Willaby
Jordan Willaby
1 year ago
Reply to  HOMEiA

Thank you so much!!

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