10 Favorite Cement Tile Design We’re Loving Right Now

10 Favorite Cement Tile Design We're Loving Right Now 1

You know how much we love a good bold pattern and statement tile, and Zia Cement Tiles never disappoint. When we were designing out The Styled Press Home, it was hard to choose just one. There were too many good ones that we were crushing on, so we wanted to do a round-up for you today of a few more of our faves. 

10 Favorite Cement Tile Design We're Loving Right Now

Echo Hex Charcoal 

The Echo Hex tile is one of our favorites because it is such a statement piece and could be placed anywhere. In the Styled Press Project, this cement tile was used as a backsplash for the bar area.

There are also multiple ways this tile can be placed, which makes for a different design depending on what the space needs. You can never go wrong with a good black and white statement tile.

Classic yet makes a bold statement! This tile would also be fun for any bathroom floor or an unexpected place such as a statement wall in your laundry room.

10 Favorite Cement Tile Design We're Loving Right Now

Glacier Blue Zellige

The Glacier Blue 2×2 Zellige tile from Zia Tile is another one of our faves! This is one we’ve been trying to get a client to do for a while.

Whether in a shower surround or for a bar accent area in a kitchen, I think this tile would be the perfect wow factor. It gives me all of the beachy, watery vibes. And I love how the tiles have a slight color variation so that although it’s a solid blue tile, its imperfections of size and color draw your eye all around.

I also love the size of the tiles. A classic shift in the subway tile, again doing something safe but also a bit different.

Meridian Black 

The Meridian Black tile is a classic. With its black and white striped herringbone pattern, it makes for the perfect backsplash, such as in your kitchen, a statement fireplace, or even flooring in a space such as a mudroom.

It’s versatile and has a modern element to it. There is also a white version of it, which is such a fun tile too! 

Hyannis Blue

Don’t let the simplistic look of this tile fool you! Hyannis Blue tile is a subway-type cement tile that can be laid in several different ways linked here.

This color is a muted blue that can add a touch of color to any space. Such as a white kitchen or in a shower.

This tile is being used in one of our current remodels as the backsplash for their coffee bar. Don’t worry, as soon as it’s finished, we’ll show the reveal! Zia tile also provides many different colors of this tile, which again, is why we love it! 

Black Hex 

The Black Hex Cement Tile is a simple black tile, yet the hexagonal shape creates the perfect look. It could be used in small spaces, such as a shower floor or inlet, or in a bigger space, like a bathroom floor or entryway.

It’s a statement piece, but with a simplistic look. Zia Tile has the Hex cement tile in an assortment of colors, which is why this one is one of our favorites!

Stone Cement Tile

If you’re a fan of a classic stone look, the Stone Cement Tile is the perfect one for you! Place it in a herringbone pattern to spice up a kitchen backsplash, or for a bathroom floor.

It’s so versatile, yet is such a classic look. It looks great no matter where it goes, or what pattern it’s in. It would even look great on a fireplace! 

Bauhaus Clay  

The Bauhaus Clay is one of my new favorites. We have a sample in the office and it inspires me daily. 

The beiges are back in and this one brings the perfect amount of earthy colors and vibes. I think it would be so pretty as a statement wall in a bathroom behind a vanity or even as a bathroom floor. 


The Tangier Cement Tile is a fun one, to say the least! With its fun pattern and bright colors, it adds a pop to any space.

This tile was used in one of our remodels as the backsplash on the fireplace. It added the perfect amount of color and texture to the space. The pillows on the couch are the perfect complement of the bright colors of the tiles on the fireplace. 

10 Favorite Cement Tile Design We're Loving Right Now

10 Favorite Cement Tile Design We're Loving Right Now

Cairo White Black

Another fun black and white tile, that makes for a classic statement tile, the Cairo White Black from Zia Tile. Perfect placement for a sunroom, laundry room, or bathroom, and it would complement perfectly with any design space. 

Pomelo Zeppelin

The greens and blues are hot right now for interior design trends for 2021, and this cement tile gives that exact look. I also love the imperfect circle design on the tiles. This again would be beautiful in a sunroom, laundry, or mudroom. 

Which one is your favorite? 

10 Favorite Cement Tile Design We're Loving Right Now

10 Favorite Cement Tile Design We’re Loving Right Now

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Tree Trimming Littleton

Echo hex charcoal is a must, i will tell my wife to get echo hex charcoal thanks guys!