Our Top 5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Fall Tablescape

Our Top 5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Fall Tablescape 1

The c2s crew loves fall. But who doesn’t? 

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fall tablescape | construction2style

To get in the mood for our favorite season, we put together our top five tips for creating the perfect fall tablescape for your home. 

Fall is such a fun time to entertain! There are so many reasons to celebrate in the fall. From football season to warm and cozy movie nights, bon fires, apple and pumpkin orchards, to many other activities.

Plus, that means Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner. The perfect opportunities to host, invite people in, and make some fond memories.

Today we wanted to give some tips to bring fall to your tables and make your guests feel welcome. Or, it’s just a fun way to decorate your home and make you smile. 

Coined by Chef Sandra lee…

Tablescaping is the art of table setting. Tablescaping can be as simple as adding dishware and chargers to the table, and as extravagant as covering your entire table with a large format centerpiece plus the added dishware, flatware, and more.

Tablescaping is a way to elevate a dining experience. It’s a way to show your guests that you care about them and want them to have an enjoyable time in your home, which is one of the reasons we wanted to share these tips with you as we move into the holiday season. 

1. Pick your Tablescape Color Scheme

What colors do you gravitate towards?

What colors make you happy?

No matter the season, go with the color scheme that lights you up! It doesn’t matter what holiday it is. You don’t have to do the traditional fall colors.

You can go many ways with a color scheme, as you know from our designs.

For this tablescape we went with the fall neutral colors, yet that make a statement – gold metals, rust & oranges, reds, as well as warm whites.  You also could tone down the colors and go with more muted browns/beiges depending on how your dining area is set up. Or spice it up and get colorful like we did last year

fall tablescape | construction2style

2. Gather Materials 

How many people are you entertaining? How big is your table? Size and shape? Or is it just for looks?

Being we’re so excited about the launch of our c2s shop, we started with our shop items and took all of our new goodies to tie them in.

You’ll want items with varying heights to create depth and dimension throughout the space. It’s also helpful to bring in a few textures, whether that’s by adding in different dried florals, stoneware pieces, etc. 

fall tablescape | construction2style

It’s also helpful to know how many place settings you need and how many guests you will be hosting. This way you won’t overdo the decor and will have enough room for the place settings and drinkware without the table getting too cluttered. 

Shop your own home!

Look around at the decor you already have to bring your tablescape to life.

This doesn’t have to be a situation where you go out and buy new items every time you have a party. Bringing the items you use in your everyday life to your table can also bring out that intimate nature since you are sharing memories from your home with those around you. 

3. Start with your Largest Items 

What do you already have in your home? Take a look around. Is it oversized vases or candles? Grab those.

We always like to start with a clean tablescape. Clear off the table and start gathering the goods, first being your largest item.

One of our staple pieces for styling anything is candlestick holders as they are so versatile and can be used all year round.

We started our tablescape by clustering these in the middle of the table and staggering them out towards the ends. This step is your base to the rest of the design. We also added our taller vases & grasses to the far end of the table. 

Think about where people will sit as you also don’t want to obstruct their view from talking to one another. Community and connection is what a dinner party is all about. 

fall tablescape | construction2style

4. Supplement with Smaller Items

Then supplement with smaller items.

Use dried & faux pampas grass tucked in between the candlesticks, muted marble smaller vases, and a few mid-size white vases.

We also added in our marble & wood cutting board to give another texture to the table. Add in whatever extra decor you want that adds to the overall vibe and design you’re trying to achieve. 

This is where you’ll really fine-tune your color scheme by adding in candlesticks, dried flowers, and grasses to accentuate what you already have set out.

You can also add more texture to your candlesticks by finding patterned options as well. 

fall tablescape | construction2style

5. Finish with the Details 

Work outwards and add your dinnerware, flatware, and napkins. 

Once you have fine-tuned the decor you are using in the middle, it’s easier to then place the dinnerware afterward to ensure there is enough room for everything. 

We started ours off with a wooden charger plate and then layered in white dinner plates, gray salad plates, and white soup/salad bowls. 

fall tablescape | construction2style

We’ve got this yummy fall mimosa hitting the blog soon, so stay tuned for that! 

fall tablescape | construction2style

Adding candles to a table brings out cozy and intimate vibes, which can make guests feel more welcome and comfortable.

Fall is the perfect time to break out those taper candles so the light stays overhead without being too harsh.

Dim the lights if you can to create more of that cozy vibe and let the candlelight be the main source of light if possible. 

fall tablescape | construction2style

We created a graphic for you to see and shop all items that we have on the screen as well as some added pieces we love. 

fall tablescape Shop | construction2style

Click here to shop this post, or simply click the links below! We provide graphics like this in our newsletter weekly to share with you what inspires us and how we like to decorate our homes. We also provide fashion tips and so much more – so make sure you check it out! 

You can also browse our shop to grab the pieces we used for this fall tablescape. 

We can help…

Did you know we offer services such as virtual design, furniture sourcing + interior styling, and even event + holiday styling? Local or nationwide, we’re here to help you with whatever you need. 

Soon we’ll be talking more about fall activities around Minnesota like pumpkin patches, wineries, apple orchards and so much more! We’ll also be sharing fall fashion finds for the whole family for family pictures, to Thanksgiving, to holiday cards – so stay tuned for that and leave us a comment below for what other fashion finds you want us to show you. 

Let us know what fall and winter content you want to see here on c2s – we want to provide you with the content you want to see. 

fall tablescape | construction2style


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