Painting our Guest Bathroom with Valspar

Guest Bathroom Paint with Valspar | construction2style

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Our house is a hot mess because we’re under construction again! We’ve got our guest bathroom demo’d out and we’re so excited to create a nice relaxing space for our guests. We’re still waiting on on some of our plumbing fixtures to arrive so we can get everything roughed in, but in the meantime while we’re waiting, it’s painting time!

Painting our Guest Bathroom with Valspar 1

We decided to go with Valspar’s Signature Ultra White for the walls in our bathroom. When designing out the space, we knew we wanted to go with a white paint color because we have so much else going on in the small space and our color scheme is black and white with pops of gold and wood tones.

Here’s our mood board that we put together…

Construction2Style Bathroom Remodel - One Room Challenge | construction2style

And the before of what we’re starting with…

Painting our Guest Bathroom with Valspar 2

And then under construction…

Painting our Guest Bathroom with Valspar 3

And now painting time…

Painting our Guest Bathroom with Valspar 4

The reason we chose the Valspar Signature is because the satin sheen stands up against anything…like a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. Since this is our main level bathroom, it is our bathroom with the highest traffic. It’s also right off the mudroom, so with two toddlers that are always coming in and out from playing outside, we never know what they are bringing into the bathroom. The Valspar Signature sheen is best for moderate to high traffic areas and easy to clean!

Painting our Guest Bathroom with Valspar 5

Another favorite thing about this brand of paint is that it’s a paint and primer all in one, so no need for us to prime to cover up the beige before we get to painting our walls white.

Painting our Guest Bathroom with Valspar 6

Can’t wait to show you the fully finished space in Ultra White instead of this beige. We’re 1/2 way done painting the space, and it’s already looking so much brighter, bigger and cleaner.  For now, here’s a peek at our design that we’re taking from that to this…

We also decided to do black crown molding, which will be a first for us! So we love how the Valspar Ultra White will make a sharp contrast from that as well.

C2S Bathroom Remodel | construction2style

Sharing all of the painting fun we’re having on our Instagram stories, so make sure to check those out until our final reveal happens.

Painting our Guest Bathroom with Valspar 7





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