Job Search While Under Pre-Trial | Noah’s Story, Part 8

Job Search While Under Pre-Trial | Noah Bergland | construction2style

Hey all, Noah here.

So leaving off where we picked up from with the why I’m in prison?

We’re moving into part 8…

After feeling like I had a semi-normal life and getting a big boy job that I had to work hard for and then being fired by…I was back to the job search.

As I was only a month into pretrial, and as you now know I was going to be out an additional 16 months. I looked around online, called around on leads, and found a few options.

The first option was a concrete job, I interviewed and got hired, but, a couple days later I got a call and they said the background check came back and they took back the offer.

At this point I thought this might be tough if I can’t even get hired pouring concrete for eleven bucks an hour.

Although, I didn’t get discouraged and I kept looking and finally I found a job with a new business that bought precious metals and sold them to a refinery. They were opening up two locations one in the Grand Forks mall and the other on 42nd by I-29. I worked there for a month or so, business wasn’t exactly flying through the door, probably something to do with trying to run a pawn shop out of a kiosk, so the job didn’t work out.

I didn’t know what I was going to do at this point and I was starting to drink often at night, which meant having a hangover, which led to very little productivity to find a new job.

I was starting to become a mess and the final straw was one morning when I was hungover, fighting to stay awake, and I was suppose to be watching Melrose because my daughter’s mom and her dad were both working. I dozed off and Melrose came into the room took my phone and took off with it into the other room.

Well, my daughter’s mom was trying to call and I obviously was not being a very good parent. A one year old was running around the house unsupervised and I am sleeping upstairs. Needless to say Dacotah came home to see why I wasn’t answering and Melrose is up on the kitchen counter standing in the sink running the faucet holding my phone under the water.

She came upstairs woke me up, yelled at me (rightfully so) and said if I am just gonna sit around drinking all night I might as well go back to Roseau.

I took her advice, called my mom, and she said I was more than welcome to come home.

It ended up being for the better, to be honest. Because I was not a popular person at the time in Grand Forks from all the headlines in the news.

I was headed home, although I felt defeated at the time, because I said I was never coming back to Roseau after I left for the cities eight years prior.

But in a way it felt right, like this is where I needed to be. At home.

Yet again, another all time low and hitting rock bottom… and the job search continued.

From the inside,

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