Party Planning with Hallmark

Party Planning with Hallmark

Tis the season for parties! I absolutely love the holidays and I love party planning. Between our blog workshops, family cookie bakes, thanksgiving and a whole lot of Christmas parties around the corner I am always looking for fun and easy food items to have for on the go.

Greyson and I headed to Hallmark this weekend to pick up some fun things to have on hand for any parties we are off to. As you can tell in the video below Grey had so much fun at Hallmark. He was busy resetting their displays, picking out greeting cards and playing in their play stations.

I’m not gonna lie, I have always been a little nervous to bring Grey into Hallmark as there are so many breakable things on every shelf. The ladies who work at the Elk River location in MN were beyond friendly and guided Greyson to the “safe” matt where he could hang out and play. It was so thrilled! I was able to shop while Grey played away, and he was not a happy boy when it was time to go home. If I wouldn’t have ate all of their samples, we probably would have spent the day there.

I have always loved the brand Wind & Willow. And I was beyond excited to see that Hallmark caries this brand. It isn’t the easiest brand to find. I have only been able to find this brand in small boutiques. Wind & Willow has the simplest and most scrumptious soups and cheese ball mixes. I always stock up on their products. And lucky for me, I now know I can just run down the street to grab more any time I need. Cheeseballs are the perfect treat to bring to any party. And the only other ingredient you need to grab is cream cheese.


I picked up these adorable Christmas bowls at Hallmark that are perfect for soups or my cheeseballs mixes and they costed under $20.


Peppermint Bark is also great to have on hand. It makes for the perfect hostess gift or dessert for any event. Hallmark’s brand, Crafters & Co Peppermint Bark is absolutely delicious! I already have to go back to restock my supply.



As you can tell, Jamie thinks he’s soooo funny when we work on videos, or even when he takes pictures for that matter.

We hope you enjoy every minute of all your holiday parties! And be sure to check out Hallmark in-store or online to stock up for all of your holiday event planning needs. XOXO

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