Power of Positivity, 5 Ways to Start your Week off with Gratitude

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I started a new challenge in June with a group of fine ladies, and one of the challenges is to write a thank you letter in the month. I thought I’d take it up a notch with this one and instead of doing just one have our team kick off every week with gratitude.

Write a Letter

Every Monday, we have a team meeting, and before our meeting begins, we all write a thank you letter to whoever – friend, family, spouse, client – doesn’t matter, just whoever is on our mind or hearts that day to set our mindset for the upcoming week.

Studies suggest that writing in a gratitude journal three times per week might actually have a greater impact on our happiness than journaling every day. Research has shown time and time again that being grateful is good for your health, mood, and general well-being. In fact, it’s one of the easiest things you can do to improve your mental health.

Power of Positivity, 5 Ways to Start your Week off with Gratitude 1

And to be honest, since we started this, I also feel like the tone in our meetings has been a lot different. With every job comes highs and lows, and despite the struggles or obstacles we’re facing at c2s, I always want our team to think about how to overcome and then learn from our obstacles. Now that we’re starting our day and week off with a positive mindset once we dive into the nitty-gritty on all of our projects, our mind is in a healthy place. And this is something we want to overflow into our clients because remodeling projects can, at times, be pretty stressful for all parties.

Power of Positivity, 5 Ways to Start your Week off with Gratitude 2

I am the first to admit that I’m awful at taking the time to write someone a letter to thank them. Jordan is SO good at it. I typically just verbalize it nonstop or shoot an email because the ADD in me just simply can’t sit still actually to write.

So I think in July I might personally try to do this daily instead of just once a week because I want this to be my mindset for every day, not only in my professional but personal life too.

Power of Positivity, 5 Ways to Start your Week off with Gratitude 3

Being grateful doesn’t have to be long or difficult, it just needs to be intentional. I have some other ways I’m striving to have a healthy mindset with a positive attitude and show gratitude, and I’d encourage you all to try too:

Surrounding yourself with positive people

This has been a little difficult for me because when I see someone who isn’t positive, I try to bring them up when sometimes all it does is bring out the worst in me. This is something I’ve continuously been working on to improve, and one of the easiest ways we’re doing that at c2s is only hiring positive people. Whether that is our team of employees, the clients we say yes to working with, or the brands we partner with.

When it comes to a client, we don’t care how much money you have, if you’re not a positive person we will pass on the job. Because we know in the end how the job will turn out, it’ll bring our entire team down.

Power of Positivity, 5 Ways to Start your Week off with Gratitude 4


Quotes are another big thing we’re constantly learning through people or reading online. Any time we hear a good one, we write it down and either frame it or hang it on our wall or in our planner for daily reminders. This is another easy thing to do for some new fresh decor! Free printable with inspirational quotes. Just copy, paste, and print.


Prayer or meditation is another area we’ve put our focus. It’s easy for the first thing to do before you wake up or go to bed is to check your emails or phone. Which, in turn, can lead to frustration or anxiety. I’ve put a reminder on my phone now to give a lot of praise, reflection, and gratitude to the Lord before I go to bed or start my day. Which has led to little check-ins with the big guy throughout the day.

Create before you Consume

This is a quote one of those positive people I surround myself with told me, create before you consume. And oh man, did this one hit home. Like I mentioned, it’s easy to grab my phone once I wake up and slowly wake up by checking my emails or social media. So I have intentionally been trying to create before I consume one piece of anyone else’s creativity. Ever since I started doing this, my writing and creativity have been on another level. I can’t explain it all quite yet, but I will once I know, but even though I do get so much inspiration through others this has allowed me to start my day with a clear mind and write from my own heart before there are other pressures from society telling me maybe what I should be writing about. If that makes any sense. Ha! I’ll follow up on this one in a post of its own soon because it has been a game changer!

And I’d love to learn what you’re grateful for or how you set your mindset for the week?

Or if this is something new to you, I’d encourage you all to try one of these five tips to get your mindset right for the week.

I hope you all have a great week!


Power of Positivity, 5 Ways to Start your Week off with Gratitude 5

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Carol McTigue
Carol McTigue
2 years ago

Love this idea of gratitude. I often think of writing someone a snail mail letter to tell them how they have affected my life in a positive way. I am a fan!!

Lauren K
Lauren K
2 years ago

Love these 5 things!!! And love watching you all your journey of creating before you consume- it is a game changer!