Baby Boy or Girl? Pregnancy Update

Baby Boy or Girl? Pregnancy Update | construction2style

This week we get to find out if we are having a little boy or girl!!! EEEKKK, and we are so, so, so excited! 

I am officially in trimester two, thank the good Lord, because my first trimester was not good to me. And I am happy to say good riddance.

In the past, with the boys, we found out the gender at week 20 but with this go-around we get to find out early being I’m considered geriatric. Which means I’m older and at higher risk for a number of different things, so they do various testing early on. One of which is with the chromosomes which requires blood work, and with all of that we’ll know the sex.

Are you going to find out the gender? It is always the big question we get.

Jamie and I have no shame in finding out early. How they actually tell us though, we’re not quite sure. Do they take the blood and tell us immediately, or do we get a call later? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. If it’s immediately, I’m going to have to do my best in not letting them tell me right away because Jamie won’t be able to be there due to COVID-19. Which has been another sad experience of its own. But I keep reminding myself all that matters is that we have a healthy baby, I can do the rest on my own.

Baby Boy or Girl? Pregnancy Update | construction2style 

And can we just talk about how fast you pop come baby #3?! I still can’t believe it. I was this size at six months with the boys and here I am at 12 weeks and look the same. 

To be honest, being pregnant is not my favorite thing in the world, so as many moments of happiness I can sprinkle in throughout the 40 weeks (like finding out the sex) I’m all for it. Nothing can top meeting our baby upon delivery, regardless if we know the gender or not. So we’re all about finding out early to make these long 10 months that much more exciting and we love getting to know our little babes on a different level earlier on.

Update on the first trimester…I was nauseous, gagged at the smell or sight of anything (especially my toothbrush), have been sooooo tired (as in taking two naps a day tired), and have only been able to eat carbs. My diet has consisted of white bagels with butter, white noodles with butter, pop tarts with butter, white rice with butter, and every unhealthy cereal there is. Forget the vegetables, meat, and anything that looks remotely healthy. Bring on all of the carbs…with butter! The good news is I found a few things to help curb the nausea, which was Tazo Green Ginger Tea, Ginger Ale, and Ginger Chews.

Now that we’re in trimester two, the nausea is officially gone! Hallelujah! I still however love my carbs and thankfully, I’m down to only one nap a day. 

The next big question I’ve been getting is if I felt the same with the boys as I do with this pregnancy? I did have similar side effects when I was pregnant with the boys but not to this extreme. I keep getting told, well, maybe that means it’s a girl. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m not going to hold my breath. As I mentioned in our last post, we both would love to have a girl, but of course, we’d love another boy. Just having a healthy baby is the only thing that is on my mind and the only important thing. 

Baby Boy or Girl? Pregnancy Update | construction2style

So what do you guys think, boy or girl? Comment below and let us know!

And as soon as we know, we’ll let you all know! 


Baby Boy or Girl? Pregnancy Update 1

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Either way we are so excited for you!'

Congratulations! I work in MFM with high risk OB patients. The blood test takes some time to come back, maybe up to a week, depending on where the test is done. It is not immediate. Crossing my fingers for a healthy baby and mama.'


How do you eat in general? I believe that if you eat a lot of protein or have a meat based diet or eat a lot of acidic foods, you will have a boy, if you are a salad and veggie eater with lower acid foods, you will have a girl. I was eating “very green” with my first pregnancy and had a girl, the second two, I was busy with two daughters (oldest is adopted) and didn’t eat as healthy and they were both boys. Acidic diet=boys alkaline diet= girls. Just my take! Be healthy, be well and have… Read more »'

I just did the testing a few weeks ago. They called a few days afterwards and left message. I called back to ask for the results over the phone. But I know they can mail it in a letter so you can both find out at the same time.