Progress in the Nursery

Progress in the Nursery 1

We’ve been spending this past month getting the nursery ready for baby Molitor #2. We shared with our concept boards and design inspiration for the space a few weeks back, and we wanted to show you what we’ve been up to since.

Gender Neutral Modern Bohemian Nursery | construction2style

We’ve had so much fun working with a handful of companies to create the perfect space for our new little guy. We are almost completely done, with only three weeks to go. All that we have left for the space is a crib. But we’re hoping to move G into a big boy bed, and our new guy will take G’s old crib.

I had my checkup last week, and with a few weeks remaining, I already measure 40 weeks. Which, unfortunately, doesn’t mean he’ll come early, it just means we’re going to have one big baby! Awesome. Haha! IMG_1591

The one thing we knew we wanted was a wall with some super bold wallpaper. We ended up working with Rebel Walls and ordered their Bellewood Forest Green Wallpaper. All their wallpaper is to die for, so it was hard to determine which one to choose. But in the end, if this boy is anything like his older brother, all he’ll want to do is explore the outdoors, so we chose the Bellewood Forest Green print. Thank goodness for Jamie’s amazing mother for coming over to help me get the wallpaper up. I am no expert at hanging wallpaper, and she had it up and done perfectly in no time.


We’ve been told this nursery looks like “Where the Wild Things Are.” I guess we better get that book for him too.

IMG_2690 IMG_2693

With such a bold wallpaper, we wanted to other remaining walls a nice white. We went Parish White by Benjamin Moore. We used this white in our laundry room and our former master bathroom, and have always loved it. It looks pretty white, but when it’s going up, it almost looks like a nice light cream color. Of course G-man was right there being our little helper. He loooooves painting.


We also partnered with Shelfology, who provided us with these incredible shelves with brackets. And these shelves are super heavy duty. We’ll chat more about them in a separate post this next week though so stay tuned.



Greyson has been being such a good big brother. He’s been helping unpack all of his old clothes and toys and put them into his new little brother’s room. I wasn’t too sure how he’d feel about it or if he’d even recognize that these things used to be his. But he knew immediately as we’ve been unpacking that those were his toys. But luckily, he hasn’t had any issues saying that he’s giving them to his brother now. So we’re just praying it stays that way once his brother is hear and needs to wear and use them.


Happy dance!! The nursery is coming together so nicely and couldn’t be happier. And I think Greyson wants to move right in, he keeps asking us when we’re going to do his room. Ugh, poor guy. Converting his nursery into a big boy’s room is on our to-do list but have no idea what to do. Any suggestions?


Can’t wait to bring our new little guy home to his new room! And break the space down for you guys in posts within the next few weeks.


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