Custom Built Staircase | Otsego, MN

the challenge

This staircase was in one of our investment property homes. One of the things that drew us to this home was the absoloutely gorgeous staircase that greeted you when you walked in the door. However, we knew immediately that the carpet had to go. After closing and giving it a closer look, we quickly realized the railing had to go as well as it wasn’t up to code. So we brainstormed different design options and thought we’d put our custom cabinetry skills to work with the curved railing. And boy did we ever…

our solution

This was our first attempt at building a custom curved railing. We had a lot of good laughs and we’re grateful that our first attempt was within our own personal home and that we’ve conquered the curved staircase rail! We followed the stair contour by putting 2×4’s in place, and clamped the wood to the 2×4’s to warp into place. Once we figured out that, the rest was a breeze!