Full Home Design & Renovation | Otsego, MN

Say hello to our 2nd investment property together that we purchased to renovate and sell. And it wasn’t easy being we found out we were prego 1 month into purchasing this place.

This home will always be a special place for us. It was the 1st home we bought together as a married couple, the first home we brought our 1st baby into and create all sorts of memories within! I still love and miss this home.

the challenge

So Morgan couldn’t paint (it was our 1st child, people!), lift a hammer or drink wine. So basically Jamie renovated this place on his own.

We bought this home because everything in it was outdated and it was cheap as hell! We knew it was going to be an investment property, yet at the same time a home that we could stay in live in for a handful of years. We knew that everything in the home was going to have to go and that like every remodel, you never know what you’re going to uncover. And we uncovered a lot!

our solution

We took down one wall that divided the kitchen from the living room but it still wasn’t a full open concept. All the rooms were divided but it all flowed together.

If we do ever build, this place has a special spot in my heart for some reason but I loved how the layout all flowed together and I still miss it to this day. I think that’s the thing… it all flowed and it wasn’t too big and weird parts of the home didn’t fit.

It was welcoming, made a statement as soon as you walked into the home and you felt at home. And that’s what we wanted to updated to create it.