Laundry Room Refresh | Ham Lake, MN

We had the opportunity to work with these clients on several projects in their cozy home.  Here are the details of the laundry room refresh.

the challenge

Our clients have pets and wanted to use their laundry in an effective way. In order to do that, the current closet was not working well, so we removed the doors. Building a custom storage unit inside the closet allowed for a dog bed to fit underneath, space for treats, leashes, and food. In addition, a rod for hanging clothes made it useful when hanging clothes to dry from the wash.

our solution

Simple white shelving provided a custom storage unit inside the closet. This clears up clutter in the laundry room and allows the pets to have their own space. It also functions well for laundry baskets, storing hats and mittens, and other various items. By removing the doors, this closet is much easier to access and can be open at all times, while still looking organized and clean.

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